Harriette Cole is an American author, nationally syndicated advice columnist, motivational speaker, media trainer, magazine editor and lifestyle writer.
Dame Harriette Chick, DBE, (1875 – 1977) was a British microbiologist, protein scientist and nutritionist. She is best remembered for demonstrating the roles of sunlight and cod liver oil in preventing rickets. In 1913 she was one of the first three women to be admitted to the Biochemical Society following its renaming and change of policy on the admission of women.
Harriette Moore (1902 – 1952) was an American educator and civil rights worker. She was the wife of Harry T. Moore, who founded the first branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in Brevard County, Florida. The murder of the Moores was the first assassination to happen during the Civil Rights Movement and the only time both a husband and a wife were killed for their activism.
Nahhh... personally I like plain old Harriet better than this. The elaborate ending strikes the wrong chord with me.
Harriette Wilson was a famous London courtesan who published her scandalous memoirs - it was of these that the Duke of Wellington famously said "Publish and be damned!"The American actress Lynn Cohen (1933- ), who played Mrs House in "Manhattan Murder Mystery", has the middle name Harriette.

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