Harris and Me is a young adult book by Gary Paulsen.
noisynora  3/5/2021
Harris "Harry" Brewis is a famous left-wing political video essayist on YouTube.
cronksjcjf  6/1/2020
Harris is the name of one of Merida's little triplet brothers in Brave.
kayisforkeen  8/14/2018
This is my brother's name. It's very rare. I have never met someone with the same name as a first name.
kayisforkeen  8/11/2018
The name Harris was given to 211 boys born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Harris are male.
― Anonymous User  6/6/2017
The name Harris was given to 202 boys born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/21/2016
Makes me think of Sam Harris, so no.
― Anonymous User  3/11/2015
I love this name. This is my cute little cousin's name. :)
― Anonymous User  8/1/2014
According to Wikipedia, The Mysteries of Harris Burdick (1984) by Chris van Allsburg is a book "consisting of a series of seemingly unrelated, highly detailed images in Van Allsburg's distinctive style."
Quamalamalam  1/25/2014
The name Harris was given to 137 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/19/2013
Well I know someone with the last name Harris, but obviously there are a lot of first names derived from last names. This is kind of a cool name, I can see it on all ages too. And Harry is a good nickname as well. I also knew a dog named Haras, which is Sarah spelled backwards in honor of a family member.
― Anonymous User  2/11/2013
Harris Ranch is California's largest beef producer. It's located off of Interstate 5 (near Coalinga, in Central California). It has a nice restaurant with foods that they've grown there and a gift shop with the same concept. The restrooms are awesome, they have the best smelling soap and they have a special little kid stall for, well, little kids. They also have a hotel there, and I'm pretty sure there's a pool, too. It totally stinks there, though, from the cows. There's always the issue of humane practices, which I'm not willing to delve into at the moment (it does look pretty bad there, though, driving by).
Meapergirl  12/16/2011
I very much like this name, though I can't fathom why. I don't know; it just always sounded so mysterious and much more unique than Harry. I would use this on a child.
Black_X  7/25/2011
Since this is my last name, I don't consider it a first name. I don't like it very much. I would rather have my grandma's maiden name Fallstrum.
― Anonymous User  9/24/2007
I like this name more than Harry, even though they are practically the same.
― Anonymous User  1/23/2007
I don't like this name because it reminds me of hairy.
― Anonymous User  6/29/2006

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