It's a very nice name, I like it.
But I want ask, is Hassan sounding/looking more obvious that this person would be Muslim than if it was the name Hasan spelled with one s?
Hassan is a very handsome name, although personally I'd think it strange if parents who aren't Muslim or don't come from countries that speak Arabic, Persian or Urdu name bestow it upon their sons.
Very nice Arabic name, though a bit overused.
Hassan Abdi Dhuhulow was a Norwegian Islamist terrorist and Al-Shabaab-member who was one of four perpetrators of the 2013 Westgate shopping mall attack in Nairobi, Kenya that killed 63 people.
The name Hassan was given to 298 boys born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Hassan are male.
Yes, when I read The Kite Runner I fell in love with the character and his name too! If I have a boy, that is what I plan on naming him. I am now married to an Egyptian so I doubt anyone would find it odd if I gave my children Arabic names. Also, as far as physical traits go, my father-in-law has blue eyes so being concerned about a name matching color is a waste of time. There are blondes, as well as blue and green eyed people in Arabic countries. I have seen them.
Hassan Whiteside is a professional American basketball player.
Hassan is the name of the boy in the book (and film) The Kite Runner. If I were Arabic or anything like that I would love to call a son after this great character and story but since I'm Dutch it would be a little weird. Just imagine a blond blue-eyed boy named Hassan.
The best friend of the main character in An Abundance Of Katherines by John Green was named Hassan. He was a quirky character and "in love" with Judge Judy.
Hassan is a very popular name in Morocco (probably due to the two recent kings with that name). Old men and young men alike were called Hassan.
In Muslim history Hassan and Husseen were close to the prophet Muhammad.
First, we do not say in English: "Muslim History". It should be the history of Islam.

So if I want to rewrite the post correctly, I would write:
"In the history of Islam, Al HaÇan and Al HuÇein were the grandsons of the prophet Muhammad. PBUH. "

Second, with ALL RESPECT due to the "Al HaÇan and Al HuÇein" ( الحسن و الحسين ) "HaÇan" meant in this post is "الحسن" and should be pronounced "Ha Çan" in Latin. (the S sound is sounded ONCE)

While "Has San" in Latin, is "حسان" in Arabic, the "S" sound is DOUBLE-SOUNDED in "Has San" "حسان"

Totally TWO DIFFERENT names for two different meanings.

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