I guess it's kind of cute for Harriet.
Henrietta, Heather and Horatia can be longer names for Hattie.
I love this name! I haven’t found a name that I could use to make Hattie a nickname that I love yet so maybe I would use the name Haddie instead to make it less nicknamey.
Reminds me of the Mad Hatter.
Pretty, unique, and cute name, yet, as some other commenters said, this should only be used as a nickname.
Beautiful, unusual, rare name. Hattie is a really sweet, elegant name. I like this name. Just a simple elegance. Sweet and elegant.
I like the name, it's very cute! I collect Baby Alive dolls and I have twins named Hattie and Fedora. I think you can see why.
Much better as a nickname for Harriet. Way too weird for a first name, it only fits on a baby or toddler in my opinion.
Do you want any hats?
Yuck, yuck, yuck. This is no first name in my opinion; it should stick to being a nickname. It doesn't really even seem that appealing as a nickname either, it reminds me of hats.
I like my name. Sad that nobody can remember it. I was named after my great grandma- it is a very old fashioned name. But I like how most the people in here think that the name Hattie belongs to a pretty girl. It is sweet, but I am not one of those Hatties.
Though, I am nice, I feel like most Hatties would have good manners, be shy, and nice... And funny :) Have a good day!
Such a sweet name, but I dislike Harriet and Henrietta, so I'd probably just name my daughter Hattie as her first name.
It’s a cute name.
In 2018, 85 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Hattie who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 033rd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Don't like it.
This was the nickname of one of author Harriett Beecher Stowe's twin daughters. Hattie and Eliza Stowe were born in 1836, and Hattie, the more adventurous of the twins, lived until 1907.
I love this as a nickname. I'd only name my daughter Hattie if I lived in England though. The name sounds awesome with a British accent (same with the name Lottie). Hattie sounds weird with my American accent (HADDIE).
Could potentially be used as a nickname for Henrietta.
Hattie is such an adorable, sweet name for a girl. ^_^
This name reminds me of the British comedic actress Hattie Jacques but it was just her stage name.
Hattie is popular with the posh set in the UK as a nickname for Harriet but I think Hallie is much prettier.
Hattie Margaret (b. October 2011) is the daughter of American actress Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott.
It doesn't even sound like a name. It's just awful. It was also my grandma's first name (blasted mean, old woman).
I think this is a beautiful name. My cousin is named Hattie, & my great grandmother was also called Hattie (although her real name was Hedwig). Hattie is an uncommon name, but sounds very pretty and unique.
"The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll" is a topical song written by the American musician Bob Dylan.

The song was released on Dylan's album The Times They Are A-Changin' and gives a generally factual account of the killing of 51-year-old barmaid Hattie Carroll by the wealthy young tobacco farmer from Charles County, Maryland, William Devereux "Billy" Zantzinger (whom the song calls "William Zanzinger"), and his subsequent sentence to six months in a county jail. Dylan's song, however, sentenced Zantzinger to lifelong infamy.

The song never mentions that Zantzinger was white, and Hattie Carroll black and the lyrics are a commentary on the racism of the 1960s, which valued a black woman's life so lightly.

Hattie Carroll was killed by a toy cane.

I can't get past the association to this story - but maybe that's partly why I like the name. Now it's someone and something important to remember. Poor woman.
Rachel Bilson has a younger sister named Hattie. She was named after their great-grandmother, who was a screenwriter.
I like this name better than Harriet. It's simple, but not flat and boring. Sounds like a name of someone who is youthful, pretty and intelligent.
Sounds too much like an adjective formed of 'hat'. Also, too old-fashioned and youthful.
This name sounds so snotty and mean. Eww.
Hattie is an adorable nickname, although I wish it was used for a name other than Harriet.
I love the name Hattie. It's a cuit, smart, modern, girly kinda name!
I personally like this name, not enough to use it though. But if someone else does, go for it. Hattie would sound refreshing today in the world of Emily's and Madison's.
Cute form of Hariet.
Hattie McDaniel was the first African-American actress to win an Academy Award, for Best Supporting Actress for her role of Mammy in Gone with the Wind (1939).
I love this name. I makes me think of someone pretty and honest, with blue eyes and light brown hair.
Hattie was the elder stepsister in 'Ella Enchanted'.
Hattie Jacques, British comedienne.

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