Are we sure this is a Hawaiian name, especially a traditional one? Because, uh, Hawai'i doesn't have snow.
... Alternatively, it could just be the wrong meaning.
Actually, EkiAku, Hawaii does have snow; Mauna Kea, a volcano, has a seasonal snow cap.
I thought it was said 'How-kay-ah' or 'How-kee-ah'. I could be wrong.
Um. Isn't it pronounced 'ha-oo-keh-ah', not HIGH-kee-ah? Regardless, it's still a pretty name.
I don't mean to burst anyone's bubble, but look at the name, two words that it could ryhme with. Ikea, and look how it almost is spelled hawkea?
I agree. Haukea is a beautiful name. =)
I think this name sounds really pretty.

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