Love it. It's masculine.
I've heard this name used only on a girl- she went by Havi. I can see it being used as a name for a boy, though.
As a Hebrew speaker, I know "Havila" means "a package" - do NOT name your child "a package."
I love this name, especially with the nickname Havi. It sounds nice, without being overly feminine or masculine. I think this is a great name!
Havilah was a great-grandson of Noah (of Noah's Ark fame) and a grandson of Ham.
Hebrew words always have the accent on either the last or penultimate syllable. This means that unless there is a rare exception to the rule, Havilah is either hah-VEE-lah or hah-vee-LAH.
This is my favourite name. It is so pretty! I will name my daughter this name someday.
Havilah is the name of the 3rd daughter in the movie "Fiddler on the Roof." She is called Hava for short.
Actually, "beautyofwords", the third daughter in "Fiddler On the Roof"'s name is Chava.

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