I love this name as a full name or as a diminutive of Hazel! So cute, love it!
This as a given name should be masculine but as a nickname for Hazel, it should be feminine. [noted -ed]
This name can also be MASCULINE in MODERN times as a variant of HAYES, making it UNISEX. [noted -ed]
In the USA, 48 boys and 9 girls were named HAZE in 2016.
In the UK, no girls were named HAZE but instead, 4 boys were named HAZE in 2014 and again, 3 boys in 2018.
I think it would be a cute middle name.
Makes me think of drugs, hazing, and "being in a Haze". There's just too much teasing potential with this name.
The name Haze was given to 41 boys and 6 girls in the US in 2018.
Questionable as a name.
A lot of people voted this feminine given name as masculine. Cute name though!
I wouldn't use this as a nickname because it makes me think about hazing. Not good.
Never name a child this. Hazel is very nice though, and if Haze happens to spring up as a nickname, I wouldn't mind.
I don't like this name. It makes me think of hazing, which is when a group abuses and humiliates a person to get them to join. Hazing is often associated with fraternities and sororities. That's why you shouldn't name your daughter Haze.
Jimmy Hendrix's "Purple Haze", about psychedelic drugs, and Dolores "Lolita" Haze are brought to my mind also.
It makes me think of drugs, I don't like it. I do like Hazel.
Haze is Lolita's surname in the novel by Nabakov.

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