Helene is a minor character in the Ibsen play A Doll’s House. She is the maid to the Helmer family.
I don't like this variant. It looks like a mispronunciation of Helen. I prefer Hélène that has accents.
Really cool name! I like it a lot.
Helene Kalrsen is a member of Norwegian band Pikekyss.
The standard form of this name in Poland is Helena, but Helene has also been used a bit. Last year (2020) there were 162 women with this name in the Polish population, and 158 had it as their middle name. No babies in Poland last year were given this name.
Helene is also Estonian, used alongside Elena, Elina, Helen, Helena, Jelena, and Leena in Estonia. The name day for Helene in Estonia is August 18.
This is pretty! I like the Hell-een pronunciation.
Also Estonian:
Very bizarrely, this name actually means Greek in Hawaiian.
It's not that bizarre. The word "Hellen" means "Greek" in Ancient Greek, and in English we use "Hellenic" to describe something related to Ancient Greece.

The Hawaiian word shares the same origin with those listed above.
Malin Helene Pettersen is a Norwegian singer and a founder of the band Lucky Lips.
I really love most of the names related to Helena, and this one is no exception. My most favourite is and will always be Helena, but Helene is very elegant and refined, and while Helena is so too, Helene is slightly subtler and lighter in my opinion. What I perceive as a little minus to this name personally is that I never know for sure how to pronounce it in all the languages it's used. He-LEEN? He-LEN? E-LEN? He-LE-ne? He-LE-nuh? He-LAY-nuh? But maybe it's just me, haha. Still, it's very sweet and refined, and simple and modest at the same time. And when I think of this name, I think of someone who is just like it. When I think of this name, I imagine a young girl in her early twenties, with curly, quite long but not too thick dark chestnut chair, big, green eyes, and small, pale face, perhaps a bit freckly but with very beautiful and subtle features. She is petite and skinny, and looks rather fragile. Helene is very shy and gentle and very considerate of others' feelings and cares about what they think of her. She is simple and usually lacks self-confidence, but it's clear to people that she's quite different from people which may make her feel inadequate, but in fact because of this people like being around her, hear about her opinions on different things. She is deep and wise beyond her years, very responsible and caring, also incredibly hardworking and a perfectionist. She feels the best in her own company, but likes helping others so that she might often end up being taken advantage of. She is very sensitive to beauty and doesn't do well with stress. Helene is artistic, can think outside the box, but she loves simplicity above all. Nature makes her happy, and so do all of the small life pleasures. She gets easily moved and cries easily, but also doesn't like to reveal her feelings. If she does though, she does it with passion and you can be sure she is honest about her feelings. She is very thoughtful and loving in her relationships. She has a quiet nature and doesn't like to be in the centre of attention, in fact she panics if something like this happens. I don't even know a single Helene, so that's not how I think all Helenes are or should be like, just how I imagine a person with this name.
Swedish singer Dea Norberg's full name is Andrea Helene Norberg.
In July 2017, there were 108 women in Poland named Helene.
Helene is my middle name, and I really love it! It was my mom's grandma's name, and I was named after her. I never met her, but I heard that she was extremely sweet and kind. I'm glad I'm somewhat named after someone like her.
On the US TV series "The Office", Helene is Pam's mother. She was also briefly the girlfriend of Pam's boss, Michael.
So much prettier then Helena.
The name Helene was given to 41 girls born in the US in 2015.
Supermodel Heidi Klum has a daughter named Helene "Leni", born in 2004. Helene's (half) siblings are Johan, Henry, and Lou.
Helene Costello (born 1906 in New York City) was an American actress.
Helene (1460-1462) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III and his wife Eleanor of Portugal.
Helene of Austria (1543-1574), daughter of Ferdinand I (Holy Roman Emperor).
Helene in Bavaria (1834-1890) - older sister of Empress Elisabeth of Austria ("Sissi") and princess of Thurn and Taxis.
Beautiful name, Helene. A good sister name for Anna. My two little beautiful little girls, if we would be blessed with two little girls. I'm unsure for a middle name for Helene! (=
Helene is the name of a very small moon of Saturn, discovered in 1980.
I have heard this name be pronounced he-LEEN, he-LAYN, and he-le-nuh. Any way you pronounce it, it's very pretty.
It's my middle name, and I always say it he-LEEN.
It can also be pronounced he-LEEN. That's the most common pronunciation in Sweden.
I've never heard it pronounced like that in Sweden. The Helenes I know pronounce it heh-LEHN.
English pronunciation of Helene is heh-LAYN.
German pronunciation: heh-LAY-nuh.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Helene here:

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