Also likely to come from the element (heil), meaning "happy, lucky" or "healthy, whole".
jocatchi  6/7/2019
This can also be a feminine name. The male given name derived from the meaning “holy, blessed” has confirmed this name to be an acceptable unisex name that can be used for males and females. The female given name Helga, however, is used for girls, only!

The feminine form of Helge is just a name in case you want to name your daughter Helge, but make it more feminine, but naming your son Helga would seem a little too much. Names don’t really have specific genders except girl names, because parents think that because it really seems more acceptable to give a girl a boy's name, rather than giving a boy a girl's name. There are plenty of masculine names for boys to choose from, though I have to admit there are more feminine names for girls to choose from, especially with the boy name on girl trend.

This name is acceptable for either gender. I prefer it for a male though, because it has a feminine form. On a girl, it’s okay, but she would need a feminine middle name to ease the masculine in her name.
― Anonymous User  11/23/2018
Helge Doppler is a character in German TV series “Dark”, he is played by three different actors: Hermann Beyer, Peter Schneider and Tom Philipp.
― Anonymous User  3/2/2018
Helge can be used for females too.

A common meaning given for that name is "healthy".
Swiff  11/28/2009
Listen to the German pronunciation of Helge here:
_satu_  10/24/2006

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