Gender: Feminine

Usage: Greek Mythology, German, Danish, Norwegian

Scripts: ‘Ελλη (Ancient Greek)

Pronounced: HEHL-LEH (Classical Greek), HEH-lə (German, Danish), HEHL-leh (Norwegian)

Meaning: Meaning unknown, other than being a Danish variant of HELGA. In Greek mythology, Helle was the daughter of Athamus and Nephele. She and her brother Phrixus escaped sacrifice by fleeing on the back of a golden ram, but during their flight she fell off and drowned in the strait that connects the Aegean Sea with the Sea of Marmara, which was thereafter called the Hellespont ("the sea of Helle").
Pronounced Hell-leh. [noted -ed]
My name is Helle and I live in Germany. I only have one problem with my name, I often hear the joke "You're not so Helle Helle" Helle means in Germany smart. Haha really funny.
I've never been to an English speaking country, so I can't say how they pronounce it but I hear they pronounce it either Hell-Y or only hell. These are both false, because you use the English and not the Norwegian pronunciation. You have to try to pronounce it right.
I made an account just to comment on this.

Sometimes I feel like my name is quite weird, and I've gotten a lot of comments on my name. Like people don't understand that my name is a name and that it is normal.

In Norwegian my name is pronounced Hell-eh. So it depends of how you would pronounce it in your language.

But I like my name and I can't see anything bad with it.
Due to the script of Ἕλλη, the name is not pronounced as "hell", but rather more like "Élli".
Sibset: Helle and Heck. Haha.
Helle (the H in the beginning is not pronounced it's a silent one like in German) means a woman of Hellenic origin in other words Greek. Έλλη: Ελληνίς Helle: Hellinis.
I mean no offence to anyone named Helle but I laughed when I saw it. It made me think of friends of mine when I was little who couldn't say "hell". That's how you would pronounce this and it probably wouldn't go over well with the majority of people.
Reminds me of hell. May not be pronounced that way, but...
Helle, in the Russified form of Hella (or Gella - with a hard g), was used by M. Bulgakov in his novel 'The Master and Margarita'. Hella is a vampire and the servant of Woland, the Satan.
Now that is a cool name! I personally think it's pretty, but if I had a child I wouldn't name her this. You know, I wouldn't want her to be made fun of that sort of thing.
Helle means 'hot weather' in Finnish.

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