Means fire, as the ancient Greek word for fire was hephaistos (I believe). A user below said that it means volcano and that's why Hephaestus was associated with fire but he was god of volcanoes because Zeus was so proud of his work on Pandora that he granted Hephaestus godhood of volcanoes, as well as fire and blacksmiths.
I'm super biased because Hephaestus is one of my favourite of the Greek gods (I have a few but it's hard to like a lot of them) but I do really like this name. It's not the hardest Greek name to say (that's not saying much but it's pretty easy) and the classic form (Hephaistos) is also very nice, just more uncommon. It can be (and usually is when Greek myth nerds are talking) shorted to Heph which I like. Heph was probably one of the nicest and calmest gods (it is hard to find that combo in myth, but Hades and Hestia were kinda okay) so that is a plus. Good namesake, good pronunciation, good meaning, good overall sound.
It would be quite funny to encounter someone with this name.
Karl Kerenyi gives in "Mythologie der Griechen" simply the meaning of "hephaistos" as "fire".
The name"Hephaistos" is probably related with the Minoan city "Phaistos", which was famous for its blacksmiths. [noted -ed]
●Hiefiest is Belarusian
●Khefest is Bulgarian
●Hefest is Bosnian, Catalan, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, and Ukrainian
●Hefaistos is Czech, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Romanian, and Slovak
●Hefesto is Esperanto, Galician, Portuguese, and Spanish
●Héphaïstos is French
●Ífaistos is Modern Greek
●Héphaisztosz is Hungarian
●Efesto is Italian
●Hefaistas is Lithuanian
●Hefajstos is Polish
●Gefest is Russian
●Hefajst is Slovenian.
Kind of reminds me of "asbestos".
Pronounced he-FES-tus. [noted -ed]
Another version is Hephaestion (or Hephaistion), who was the lifelong friend and lover of Alexander the Great.
Hephaestion was Alexander the Great's best friend AND/OR lover! However, most historians are leaning towards the latter.
This is the Greek word for volcano - it explains the god's association with fire.

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