Love King Herod. Great guy, in my opinion.
King Herod was a hater of Christians. The association with him may make a lot of people mad as the other commenters said.
Dang, this name is really my taste but unfortunately the King Herod association ruins it.
Very ugly, sounds like horrid, and reminds me of King Herod.
Personally, I like the sound of the name - however, the cultural associations are just too strong. No one wants to be associated with Herod the Great *or* Herod Antipater nowadays.
My last name is Herrod and I've never been anything but proud of it. A story is a story and if people believe it, that's their problem.
I really hate the name Herod. I'm glad it's hardly used.
This name is horrible. Who wants to share a name with the tyrant who ordered the Slaughter of the Innocents? It sounds extremely pretentious as well.
It has a nice meaning, but I would never name my son Herod because of its association with the Slaughter of the Innocents. Also, it doesn't seem like it would suit anyone under the age of 40. It's an adult name, not a whole-life name. That's want I think, anyway.
Imagine your boy growing up with a name like that and when he is 5 all of his friends shouting Herod.

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