Interestingly, 87% of raters felt this name feminine, and people dislike Hildegarde but like this spelling.
Lucipur  8/29/2020
The female lead (played by Rosalind Russell, opposite Cary Grant) in the 1940 comedic film His Girl Friday is named Hildegard "Hildy" Johnson.
cmd  9/29/2018
While studying my ancient history I found the surname Hillegass came from Hildegard, changed in America... they were wealthy merchants and gave Washington a good sum of money.
hillegass  9/20/2018
Hildegarde was an American cabaret singer, best known for the song "Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup." She was born Hildegarde Loretta Sell in Adell, Wisconsin, and raised in New Holstein, Wisconsin, as a Roman Catholic in a family of German extraction. She trained at Marquette University's College of Music in the 1920s.
cutenose  1/13/2017
Hildegard Frieda Albertine Knef was a German actress, singer, and writer. She was billed in some English language films as Hildegard Neff or Hildegarde Neff.
cutenose  5/25/2016
A recurring character from the TV show "Sofia the First" bears this name.
― Anonymous User  11/29/2015
The usage of Hildegard in Ireland was likely inspired by St. Hildegard of Bingen.
― Anonymous User  10/19/2012
I have to dispute the common identification of -gard in female Germanic names with the root of English "yard" (enclosure, cognate with Latin hortis garden). For one thing deuterothemes indicate gender, and "yard" in all the Germanic languages is masculine and only masculine (you don't really need a feminine for "yard"). Further, the Gothic form -gardis and Norse Gerðr imply a word in the i-declension (with i-umlaut of arðiz to erðr), supporting both multiple genders, whereas "yard" is purely masculine a-declension. OE gierd (spar, stick, rod, assimilated to yard "enclosure" as a land measure) is feminine and shows i-umlaut from continental gard-, but the Gothic form is gazds (sting), and we have numerous feminine names ending in -gardis of Gothic origin. A purported "early meaning" of "protection" seems an ignorant association with Romance guarda, but this is merely the Latin dialect pronunciation of Germanic "ward" (again, masculine). Unfortunately it appears Norse -gerðr, Gothic -gardis and German -garde are derived from an older GarðiR, attested only as a feminine name. Some, more distant connection with masculine gardaz is possible, but like many of the most ancient Germanic names (such as Amal, Nerðr, Ingwe etc.), the original meaning, if there even is one, has been lost.
thegriffon  8/22/2012
Hildegard (856-?) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Charles II ("the Bald") and his first wife Ermentrude.
CarolinW  7/22/2012
Hildegard (1881-1948) was the daughter of King Ludwig III of Bavaria and his wife Maria Theresia.
CarolinW  7/20/2012
Hildegard of Bavaria (1825-1914), daughter of Ludwig I of Bavaria and his wife Therese. She was married to Albert of Austria. He was a grandson of Emperor Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor.
CarolinW  6/8/2012
Hildegard was the daughter of Louis the Pious and his first wife Ermengarde.
CarolinW  6/8/2012
This is a surprisingly common name in Ireland, the 2011-12 Mayor of Galway is called Hildegarde Naughton.
― Anonymous User  3/29/2012
Call me crazy, but I think Hildegard nicknamed Hilde is adorable.
― Anonymous User  12/5/2009
The German pronunciation is HIL-de-gahrt. [noted -ed]
mafiosa  8/7/2009
I didn't like this name when I first heard it. It's unusual, but I think it manages to be both calm & strong. I don't get that impression at all, about 'blonde & buxom'. I see brown & grey.
elizabethwoolf  6/24/2008
Don't even try naming your kid this unless you know for absolute certain that she will grow up to be blonde and buxom.
Midgard666  2/4/2008
I'm English and 'Hildegard' is apparently where my surname (Norman in origin) derives from. Other names sites claim that Hildegard was the name of a Valkyrie.
― Anonymous User  4/29/2007

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