I heard a lot of people excessively dislike names with these silly prefixes. XD.
Hipólito Mejía is a Dominican politician who served as President of the Dominican Republic from 2000 to 2004.During his government the country was affected by one of the worst economic crises, generated by the bankruptcy of three major commercial banks in the country, which resulted in high inflation, high country risk rating, currency devaluation and increasing local poverty.In the presidential election of 2004, he ran for a second term as the candidate of the Dominican Revolutionary Party but he was defeated by Leonel Fernández from the Dominican Liberation Party. As of 2014 members of his party are encouraging him to run for the Presidency again.
I like this name. It sounds much better than Hippolyte. I also really like Hipolita, the feminine form.
Pancho Villa had a brother named this. But I thought there was an accent over the O, so that syllable would be stressed. [noted -ed]

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