Pronounced on-OR-ee-a.
― Anonymous User  1/6/2020
No thanks.
kayisforkeen  10/15/2018
There is a character in F. Scott Fitzgerald's "Babylon Revisited" who was named Honoria. She was the daughter of the protagonist Charlie.
Kinola  3/15/2016
Sounds like gonorrhea.
Chrila96  9/30/2010
Pronounced "on-NAW-ree-ə" in British English, which is nothing like "Gonorrhea".
JJSkeete  7/29/2010
It isn't pronounced ah-NER-ee-ah, like "gonorrhea", but ah-NORE-ee-ah, with a heavy NORE sound like in "Eleanor" or "Nora".
Clytemnestra  6/20/2010
Two sort of famous bearers for this name who are both minor characters in the Harry Potter series of books are Honoria Nutcombe who founded the Society for the Reformation of Hags, and was J. K. Rowling's Wizard of the Month for August 2004, and also: Honoria Dumbledore - Albus' maiden aunt. And that is all. But also I might add I think this name is really lovely, and I think it's an awful shame it's not used more often.
walesgal92  7/23/2009
My husband's name is Honorio, since they don't have this site I will comment under the female version. I personally like the name, and the meaning, but my husband grew up in Mexico, where the name isn't very common. He never liked his name, but when I look at it I think of the word Honor. He also has trouble with English speakers pronouncing it right, since in Spanish the H is silent.
rivhern  7/27/2008
Honoria is the name of the sister of Charles Emerson Winchester III on M*A*S*H the television show. She was from Boston and stuttered.
melpy  2/12/2008
Sounds like gonorrhea to me.
― Anonymous User  1/10/2008
Honoria Glossop is a character in P. G. Wodehouse's Jeeves stories.
dollrock  9/22/2007
Honoria Dedlock is the name of a character in Charles Dicken's novel Bleak House.
hana  1/27/2006
The name Honoria was the name of two Agatha Christie characters: Honoria Waynflete in Murder is East and Honoria Bullstrode in Cat Amongst the Pidgeons.
kanine  12/17/2005

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