Even after much study of French, I had no idea that this name was supposed to have a French pronunciation. It's actually a nice name with the French pronunciation that I learned only moments ago via this site. But I guess my point is that people with this name don't only have the majority of English speakers who will butcher the name in a most unpleasant way, creating a vulgar sound in English, but this name is just not common enough for even some Francophiles to know that this name is prettier than it looks. That's unfortunate. Pronounced the French way, it manages to sound gentle and sophisticated at the same time. It will take some moxy for parents who don't live in France to want to use it, though.
Rare name which never was popular and even while it sounds unusual and looks interesting, I think, Hortense is great name, has some history and elegance!
I'm not a fan. I'd say that Hortensia is nicer but even then it sounds too stuck up.
In French it sounds better, but since I live in the United States, I still wouldn't use it because of the first syllable in English.
Literally one of THE WORST names in existence. So hideous that I wouldn't even give this name to a warthog.
Yuck. Absolutely disgusting name.
Oh no. This name is just not pleasant.
Hey everybody, I'm a 19 year old girl who is named Hortense. A lot of people made fun of my name like a lot of people on here. Does it hurt me,? No! Not one bit. Know why? Because I don't need you to tell me who I am if you only know my name and not my story.
The comments are mostly from English speakers here. I love the sound of the name when pronounced in the correct French way! I enjoy words and their soundings - I was just sitting here and the word Hortense came in to my head for some reason:) Then I thought, I think the French would say `Ortonsse`. It is a beautiful language!
My name is Hortense and I'm from France. I moved to Canada a few years ago and I always had a hard time communicating my name to people. I didn't and I still don't know the better way to pronounce it and it frustrates me to see people not understanding it. It's actually an okay name when you say it in a French pronunciation but it's pretty rare. It means 'gardener' in English and is the other name for the flower hydrangea (which is in my opinion a grand mother's flower but-). It's hard to carry a rare name because you feel different but sometimes being different is a good thing too. I hope you'll come to appreciate my name.
When I first came across this name, I thought it was pronounced HOR-tens. Or-TAWNS is better, but still horrid.
The French pronunciation is quite nice.
Hortense McDuck, Scrooge McDuck's youngest sister, mother of Donald Duck, and grandmother of Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck. Scrooge named a temperamental mare after her in Don Rosa's series, "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck."
Whore tense. Enough said.
Even if the pronunciation of this name is pretty, the spelling just kills it. I think a good alternative is Ortannes.
The only reason I sort of like this name is because of the Guardians of Ga'hoole character.
I think "or-tawns" sounds like a Tolkien monster. Or Hortense is, well, quite difficult to like.
Hortense Beauharnais was Josephine's daughter and hence Napoleon's stepdaughter. She became queen of Holland.
For people who don't know about Josephine she was a creole from the island of Martinique who went to France to marry Hortense's father who died in the revolution. Josephine was crowned Empress by her 2nd husband Napoleon. Now my impression is it doesn't sound nice but when you look at the meaning it sounds ok.
I don't care how this name is pronounced. I think it's just plain ugly!
I'm probably one of the few people who likes this name. I think it's beautiful pronounced "or-TAWNS." To me, it brings the image of a strong woman.

In the children's book series "Guardians of Ga'Hoole," a spotted owl's name is Hortense. She becomes a hero, and many owlets from the region she was born in are named after her (including some males), even though she hated her name.
The name is beautiful if pronounced the correct way, or-TAWNS, not HOR TENSE.
Hortense sounds like a name of a troll who lives under a bridge in some fantasy land or something you'd name a cow. It's pretty horrible.
Awful, heinous, ugly. I'm sorry - it is!
Hortense Calisher, American writer.
Pronounced HOR-tens in English, which probably accounts for its unpopularity. (Surely you've heard that dreadful old joke.)
Hortense Powdermaker, American anthropologist.
This is a horrid name. Who would EVER impose such a name on a child?
A character in the film Secrets & Lies is called Hortense, that was the first time I heard the name. In one of my name-books it just says "No!" as a coment on it.

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