Also Afrikaans:
Hosea Matthews from RDR2.
Gender: MasculineUsages: Hawaiian, Biblical HawaiianPronunciation: oh-SEH-ahMeaning: It is also used in Hawaiian, aswell it appears in the Bible in Hawaiian. (See HOSEA).(Information from name #331740 originally submitted by an anonymous user)
A very nice name with a pleasant biblical association. I prefer Hosea to Hoshea.
Hosea Williams (1926-2000) was an American civil rights leader who worked with Martin Luther King, Jr. And founded one of the largest feeding the poor operations in America, the Hosea Feed The Hungry foundation in Atlanta, Georgia.
Hosea "Ze" Frank was the host of a year-long vlog project known as "The Show" through 2006-7. He thinks so you don't have to.
Hosea Rosenberg is a chef that won the 5th season of the Bravo show Top Chef.

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