American Presidents: 1 president
William Howard Taft   1909-1913  
Fictional Characters from Television: 2 characters
Howard Newly   2007   Samantha Who?  
Howard Wolowitz   2007   The Big Bang Theory  
Nobel Prize Winners: 3 chemistry, 3 medicine, 1 economics
(medicine) Howard Florey   1945  
(chemistry) John Howard Northrop   1946  
(chemistry) William Howard Stein   1972  
(medicine) Howard Martin Temin   1975  
(economics) Merton Miller (a.k.a. Howard)   1990  
(medicine) H. Robert Horvitz (a.k.a. Howard)   2002  
(chemistry) Robert H. Grubbs (a.k.a. Howard)   2005  
Notable Actors and Actresses: 1 actor
Thane Bettany (a.k.a. Howard)   1929-2015  
Notable Artists: 1 artist
Romare Bearden (a.k.a. Howard)   1911-1988  
Notable Athletes: 1 baseball
(baseball) Linc Blakely (a.k.a. Howard)   1912-1976  
Notable Businesspeople: 2 businesspersons
J. Howard Marshall   1905-1995  
Howard Hughes   1905-1976  
Notable Hosts and Presenters: 1 television/radio
(television/radio) Howard Stern   1954-  
Notable Musicians: 1 composer
Howard Shore   1946-     
Notable Writers: 3 authors
H. P. Lovecraft (a.k.a. Howard)   1890-1937  
P. H. Newby (a.k.a. Howard)   1918-1997  
Anne Rice (a.k.a. Howard)   1941-2021  
Olympic Medalists: 3 gold, 2 bronze, 2 silver, 1 gold/silver, 1 silver/gold
(gold/silver) Howard Valentine   1904   4 mile team; 800 m  
(bronze) Robert Bennett (a.k.a. Howard)   1948   hammer throw  
(gold) Howie Williams (a.k.a. Howard)   1952   basketball  
(silver/gold) Weldon Olson (a.k.a. Howard)   1956; 1960   ice hockey  
(gold) Adrian Smith (a.k.a. Howard)   1960   basketball  
(gold) Gerry Ashworth (a.k.a. Howard)   1964   4x100 m relay  
(bronze) Craig Lincoln (a.k.a. Howard)   1972   diving - springboard  
(silver) Jon Svendsen (a.k.a. Howard)   1984   water polo  
(silver) Howard Davis   1988   4x400 m relay  
Other Leaders: 1 prime minister
Prime Minister David Thompson (a.k.a. Howard)   2008-2010   Barbados  
Other Religious Leaders: 3 leaders
Anton LaVey (a.k.a. Howard)   1966-1997   Church of Satan  
Howard W. Hunter   1994-1995   The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints  
Peter H. Gilmore (a.k.a. Howard)   2001-   Church of Satan