This is my Korean name, only it’s Hyun-Ji. It means smart and wise.
The hangeul text you give here says Hyeon, not Hyun. Hyun might be a variant transcription (in which case you should list Hyeon as well) or the text could be wrong. Hyun in hangeul would be 휸. [noted -ed]
This is my brother's name. This means either "wise" or "gentle" in Sino-Korean. Hyun can be a name itself but it is usually combined with other name suffixes. For example, my brother's whole name is Hyunwoong (Wise man), even though people just call him Hyun. I think this name has a good meaning and sound. I will definitely name my son this.
As someone mentioned Hyunwoong is wise man and I know someone named Hyun Woong.
"Hyun" is usually only used as a component of a name nowadays. Most Koreans use names with at leat two syllables.
My mother has a friend with this name and it is used by itself.
This is my mom's real name. She prefers to be called Hannah, since it's hard to pronounce this name in English. I kind of like it.
I thought this could be male, too. I knew a guy once named Hyun.

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