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My parents gave me this name because when I was a baby I used to always look like I was smiling. It's a name to be proud of. I love it!
ibtisam  12/25/2004
To be a Somalian girl and have this name is a honour! The first day I was introduced to the world my mum said I was smiling as the sun greeted us in the morning. My oldest sister said her name shall be 'IBTISAM'. Like many others I love my name because it says a lot of my personality.
LADY-G  11/24/2005
Means "smile" not "smiling". [noted -ed]
Kanfoosh  6/11/2006
I am an Indian but born in Libya. My dad's friend suggested this name which sounded very different. Indeed a very unique name, that's what everyone tells me when people hear it.
sama  6/21/2008

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