Can also be pronounced "EYE-dough-nee" or "IDA-nee". I have taught a student named Idonea and that is the way hers was, while Idony is "ID-ah-nee" I believe. Perhaps in other dialects it might sound like "I dunnae".
Very vintage and pretty.
I just found this name and I'm very much in love with it! A gorgeous name, and I'm surprised it isn't used more! A hidden gem waiting to be found! Love it!
I am in love with this name. I would say it’s underused but that’s what makes it special. It reminds me of the name Ebony for some reason. The meaning, “Love Again, ” is just as beautiful.
Beautiful name, but unsuitable in Italy, "idoena" in fact is a word that means "suitable".
Idonea is also the feminine form of Latin adjective idoneus and means suitable, appropriate. [noted -ed]
Pronounced ie-DOHN-ee-uh or i-DOHN-ee-uh.
I really like this name, and I'm surprised it's not more popular! It's very definitely feminine, yet strong. I would expect someone called Idonea to be very intelligent, beautiful and talented!

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