My guess is ID-uh-nee because it comes from Iðunn. But I personally also like EYE-doh-nee (I think this is my favorite).
Beautiful name, should make a comeback.
This is the fun size version of Idonea. Good, but lacking the specialness of the full size name.
I don't find it particularly usable, at least where I live, but I think it's a really cool name.
Any name finishing in a Y is ugly, but this is EXCEPTIONALLY ugly.
Not awful, but sounds a bit like 'idiocy' and comes off as rather pretentious.
Idony is a character from a webcomic called "The Silver Eye," by Laura Hollingsworth.
I have been in love with this name forever! It's such a cute beautiful and lovely name! Goodness gracious! It's perfect!
I think the meaning is beautiful and I'm warming up to the sound of it.
Pronounced "ID-uh-nee".
How do you pronounce this name? I like it, but I don't know how to pronounce it; is it Eye-don-ee, or Id-on-ee?
It's not exactly ugly, but it sounds a bit like something elitist or obnoxiously pretentious and stuck up parents would pick for their daughter.
I knew about the name Idun and I liked the meaning, but not the sound. Then I heard of this form, and I liked the meaning and the sound.
In Sweden the goddess is called Idun.

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