Absolutely boring.
I like it, but I would pronounce it “Eye-ker”. It sounds cool though. I love “Ike” for a nickname.
I care XD.
This is definitely one of my favourite Basque names, plus Iker Casillas is one of my favourite football players ever. If I ever have a son, I can totally see myself naming him Iker.
Iker Romero Fernández is a 1.97 m and 100 kg Spanish handball player, currently playing left back for Füchse Berlin. He participates internationally on the Spain national handball team, which won the World Men's Handball Championship in 2005 in Tunisia.
Iker Muniain is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Athletic Bilbao mainly as a left winger.Due to his style of play and stature, he was dubbed "the Spanish Messi" by the media. He spent most of his career with Athletic Bilbao after debuting in 2009 as their youngest player in a competitive match, making over 250 appearances for the club and reaching the finals of the Copa del Rey and Europa League in 2012.
Iker Jiménez is a Spanish journalist.He was born in Vitoria, and has a bachelor's degree in journalism from both the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and the Universidad Europea de Madrid.He has been the presenter of mystery programs on radio and publisher of many articles about paranormal activity.
Iker Begoña is a Spanish retired footballer who played as a central defender or a defensive midfielder.
Iker Flores is retired Spanish professional road bicycle racer.
Iker Casillas Fernández is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Portuguese club Porto and the Spain national team as a goalkeeper. Casillas began his youth career with Real Madrid in 1990. After gaining promotion to the senior team in 1999, he remained with the club for sixteen seasons, later serving as the club's captain. During his highly successful time at the Madrid club, he won five La Liga titles, two Copa del Rey titles, four Supercopa de España titles, three UEFA Champions League titles, two UEFA Super Cups, two Intercontinental Cups, and the FIFA Club World Cup. With 725 appearances for the club, Casillas is Madrid's second most capped player of all-time after Raúl.
This name became very popular in Spain (outside of the Basque Country) in the 2000s because of the Spanish footballer Iker Casillas (b. 1981). It has also become popular in some parts of South America for the same reason.Iker Casillas was born in Madrid but as a child he lived for some years in the Basque Country. His brother also has a Basque name, Unai (meaning "cowherd; herder of cows").The name Iker and its feminine form Ikerne, like many Basque equivalents of Spanish religious names, were coined in the late 19th century by the Basque writer Sabino Arana in his book "Deun-Ixendegi Euzkotarra / Santoral Vasco" (meaning "Basque saint-name collection", published in 1910). It was basically an onomasticon of Spanish names given Basque forms and equivalents. One of the most interesting things about the book was when a name had a literal meaning in Spanish, like Visitación or Dolores, the author created the Basque form from the equivalent Basque words rather than just rendering the Spanish name in Basque phonics. Thus Arana invented Ikerne (feminine) and Iker (masculine) as Basque equivalents to the Spanish Visitación, drawing them from Basque roots.
Pronounced EE-ker.
The feminine form is Ikerne.
Fun fact: Iker (also pronounced as ee-kehr) means "twin" in Hungarian. Of course unrelated to the name.
Iker has become quite popular in Spain, maybe in the top 20 and I have to say that it's because of Iker Casillas. And Spain having won Euro 2008, lol, Iker will probably be top 5 in 2009.
Pronounced Ee-kehr. Ee as in easy.
A famous bearer is the goalkeeper of the Spanish national football (soccer) team, and Real Madrid player Iker Casillas.

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