My name is Ilana but my nickname is lani.
My name is also Ilana, and my nickname is also lani. That has never happened to me before. I wonder if this is how Michaels, Johnathans, etc. Feel.
Hi My name is Ilana. Nobody that I don't correct or I make sure they know how to pronounce it, calls me ELENA or ALANA. My own uncle calls me ALANNA. I believe that it is pronounced Eilana. I love my name and hope other people use this name... I'm wondering how many people have this name in the USA besides myself.
My name is Ilana. A lot of people called me Eliana for the longest time and it was so annoying. Then it was just easier to be called "Alana" by my friends and sometimes family. My French teacher understands my name though.
Could also mean "Destiny" in Yoruba.
One of my friends has this name. She goes by Lonnie, which is a cute nickname for a beautiful name.
Ilana Rose Glazer is an American comedian, writer, and actress. She is best known for co-creating and co-starring in the Comedy Central series Broad City with Abbi Jacobson, based on the web series of the same name.
The name Ilana was given to 74 baby girls born in the US in 2012. I think it's a lot prettier than the more popular Alana.
Very pretty name. She could go by Lana for short.
Means "Tree with a white flower".
I know the nicest girl with this name. It's kind of a funny spelling, but it's pronounced like the name 'Alanah".
My name is Ilana and I pronounce it ih-LAH-nah, but my Israeli relatives pronounce it ee-LAH-nah. People have always said to me "What a pretty name," but it is ofen misspelled. People often spell it "Illana" and it is really annoying. A lot of people mispronounce it too.
The main character in Chaim Potok's book, Davita's Harp, is called Ilana Davita. By certain people she is called just Ilana, just Davita, or Ilana Davita.
I knew a girl with this name who pronounced it IL-anna. It sounded like "Alanna" unless you were listening for the "I" sound at the begining.
Pronounced ee-lah-nah.

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