This name is much more common when spelled without the H. As mentioned below, the word for 'moon' is ilargi, not Hilargi. I've googled it and I can confirm that this name is also spelled Hilargi, though it seems very rare in comparison. [noted -ed]
Pronounced [ee-LʸAR-gee]. [noted -ed]
The more common form of this name is Ilargi.
Pronounced ee-LAHR-gee.
I've come across several beautiful Basque names (Alaia, Bidane, Erlea, and the oh-so-beautiful-it-should-be-illegal Maialen). But this isn't one of them. It sounds #really harsh# (the two softer syllables are long e's). There's just no subtlety--too in-your-face.
I like this name with no "H".
Actually, "moon" or "moonlight" in Basque is Ilargi - no H. Also, it is interesting to note that this word has two parts - "il," from "hil" which today means "month," and "argi" which means "light." Hence the two definitions of "ilargi" - both "moon" and "moonlight." The element "argi" combines with other elements in many Basque words, such as "argazki," which means "photograph."

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