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My mother is called Ilda (she's Italian) but her actual name is Elda which I love. It's such a delightful name for Hilda which is a variant in the UK.

She frequently gets called Hilda and we correct people.

It is an old name, my mother is in her late 70's now and since she has been in the UK some 61 years ago this month she has always been known as Ilda.

I said why don't you correct people as the variant is so angelic but it just stuck

It's a lovely name though I prefer Elda to Ilda or the ugly Hilda but if I had a daughter she would most definitely be called after my mother as Elda, though I don't sadly!
Gabby Jon  9/12/2018
Used in Greece, written Ιλδα.
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  2/25/2017
Ilda of Polaris (ポラリスのヒルダ Poraris no Hiruda?), Hilda of Polaris in the original Japanese dubbing, is a character of the anime Saint Seya, based on the manga written and drawn by mangaka Masami Kurumada.
Aledis  8/8/2016

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