It's a nice name and I disagree with it being ghetto.
someone-  11/9/2019
This is my childhood best friend's name, who is a very talented singer and is very beautiful. I call her ManiLu!
dancingbear  10/28/2019
The name Imani is a beautiful name both by its meaning and sound according to Islam.
It came from the word "Iman" meaning strong faith/ belief. It does not state whether it's a boy or a girl's name, so you can give it to either a boy or girl.
I think names are given according to beliefs, as in religion, culture etc. Imani is definitely not a ghetto name as it comes from the holy Quran. My son was named Imani and he is very happy.
Mariatu  9/23/2019
Imani is such a gorgeous name. Absolutely not "ghetto".
― Anonymous User  8/12/2018
My daughter's name is Imani too. I chose this as her name for two reasons. I love the sound of it, and it is the 7th principle observed on Kwanzaa. It means faith in our leaders, teachers, and the righteousness of our struggle. I believe that part of that righteous struggle is raising our children to be strong enough to stand up to the stupidity of racism, and having the faith that our ancestors and elders have paved the way for us to name our children according to their heritage. Yes, it takes a strong girl to bear a non-Anglo name, but our girls can face this challenge. So to our young sisters, I say hold your head up, work your butt off and have faith and whatever your name is, be proud. Remember that many powerful people came from "the ghetto." If you don't believe me, learn your history. Peace y'all.
coshields  4/3/2018
This is my daughter's name. It is beautiful to me and she is named after my mother "Ema". I don't think it is a "ghetto" name as previous users stated. When my daughter is looking for a job her name won't matter because her skills and knowledge will be so impressive to anyone looking at her resume that she will be offered any job her heart desires and I will make sure of that. My daughter is African American and far from "ghetto" she is well spoken and well mannered and very smart. I wouldn't have named her anything else.
― Anonymous User  12/11/2016
I think it's a gorgeous name. I picture a strong-willed leader with dark skin and bright brown eyes when I hear this. Love it.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/9/2016
This name is absolutely gorgeous. However, due to the stereotypes this name is bound to get, I would only use it as a middle name.
citylights  8/27/2013
I think English (African American) should be added as a usage. The word Imani, meaning "faith" in Swahili (the word itself is of Arabic origin, from iman), has been adopted by black Americans as the name of the Seventh Principle of Kwanzaa, a festival which arose in the 1960s to celebrate African heritage. Since then Imani has also been in use, primarily by people of that ethnicity, as a feminine name.

The usage of this name may have also been influenced by the famous Somali model Iman (b. 1955), though that's less likely since Iman never made the US charts (perhaps because of the -man ending). [noted -ed]
overtheclouds  11/1/2012
This is a good name if you're looking for an authentic African name but its only downside is that because names like Keisha And Shaniqua nobody actually believes this name is 100% African so it's classified as 'the ghetto name.' And so it's hard to find a job with a 'ghetto name' so you should be really be careful about choosing this name because it would be hard for your daughter to have a good job with this name.
555jazzy  7/20/2012
Actress Imani Hakim, who played Tonya on Everybody Hates Chris, is a famous bearer.
― Anonymous User  6/26/2011
This is the name of one of my cousins- but he's a boy! I didn't even realize this was a girl's name until I read Freakonomics and then looked it up here. I'm most definitely going to bring it up at the next family gathering and ask why they did that.
plutogirlgenius  8/25/2009
Aw, the name Imani is really sweet! I know of two people named Imani, one I met was a little girl, and the other I met was a teen. Pretty cool sounding name. =) If you're an Imani, you're bound to be special.
― Anonymous User  7/24/2009
Pronounced ee MAH nee.
― Anonymous User  3/31/2009
I have loved this name for a very long time. It is regal and lyrical. It has a beautiful meaning as well. Love the way it sounds and how it looks. Not much to dislike about the beautiful Imani. May use this for a daughter one day.
kookiemonster71  3/31/2009
This name could be related to the Arabic name Iman.
bibi66  1/19/2009
Imani is the seventh and last day (New Year's Day) of Kwanzaa, the cultural celebration observing African-American heritage.
Laurea  8/17/2006
Imani is similar to the English word imam or imaum meaning minister or priest among the Mahommedans. The name may have been an influence to the word.
piglet  1/11/2006

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