Imke is a unisex given name, just like Ime is. Yes, it is much more commonly found on females than on males, but still. In the Netherlands, there are over a hundred male bearers, most of which come from the province of Friesland (or West Frisia, if you will). It could be that this is strictly limited to West Frisia though, as I see no evidence of the name being used as a masculine name outside of West Frisia.

With that said, Imke is also a Low German given name (and a strictly feminine one at that), where the etymology is the same.

Last but not least, there are many variant forms and spellings of Imke. I will list some of them below, grouped by gender.

- Strictly masculine: Iemco, Iemko, Imco, Imko, Ymco and Ymko.

- Strictly feminine: Iemka, Imca, Imka, Ymca, Ymcka and Ymka.

- Unisex (though usually more often seen on females than on males): Iemcke, Iemke, Imcke, Ymcke and Ymke.

Sources used:
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Lucille  1/26/2018
Pronounced IM-kə. [noted -ed]
mafiosa  8/7/2009

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