Some people have said this name is ugly which is very rude. It’s definitely a very British name, and there’s always a few Imogens around in the UK but not too popular. This is my name and I love it! I sometimes go by Imo or Immy. All the people I’ve met called Imogen have been super kind and beautiful.
People hate this name because they haven't seen it before and it scares them. It's a British name, common in the UK, and I'm sure most people hating on this name are not British.
I know an Imogen who goes by "Immy". We're from the UK.
Imogen Heap (born December 9, 1977) is a British singer. She is primarily known for her song "Hide and Seek", which has since become a meme.
When I started thinking about ideas for baby names, Imogen was one of if not the first, and it’s stuck with me ever since. I like how it doesn’t sound too princess-like, and I haven’t heard the name very often. Uncommon, cool and a nice name in my opinion! :)
Love Imogen. Love the Shakespearean link. I don' t see the problem with associations. This could happen with every name.
Nice name, I do prefer Imogyn though.
Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Hideous. This name sucks and I hate it.
I'm sorry. I don't mean to be rude, but I'm really, really, not fond of this name. It just doesn't sound right to be. No need to be offended, but that's just my opinion.
The French form of this name is Imogène, alluding to the Shakespeare character and rarely used.
I really cannot stand this name, and it is mine for now but I have the paperwork to change it. I find it ugly and it makes my mouth twist and repulse when I say it. Reasons why I don't like it are :

1- it is very masculine and clunky for a girl
2- it sounds chemical
3- it looks very odd and off putting when written (Imogen)
4- it is a bit fussy and makes me think of someone who is very self important
5- it sort of sounds like a mispronunciation
6- the ending is pronounced ‘n’ (like fish n chips) most frequently which is grim
7- the start sounds like they forgot a letter in front
8- people often say ‘Imogin’ which sounds disgusting in my opinion
9- it is very odd and is too heavy, like it lacks a ‘een’ or ‘a’ sound

I just find the name sickening and it boils my blood when people address me with it, however everyone’s opinion is valid.
It's alright but it kinda reminds me of the word "pathogen".
Sounds like estrogen, nitrogen, Imodium, etc.
I called my first daughter this name and I love it. I've never changed my mind and she's now 12. It's fairly well known in the UK but we live abroad and it is virtually unheard of, so we often just call her 'Im' if people struggle with pronouncing it- which is easy in any language!
Usage: English

Pronunciation: IM-ə-jən, IM-ə-jeen

Meaning: Derived from the name Innogen which is probably derived from Gaelic inghean meaning "maiden". This was name of a princess in the play 'Cymbeline' (1609) by William Shakespeare. He based her on a legendary character named Innogen, but the name was printed incorrectly and never corrected.
Personally, I think this name is beautiful. It is a Shakespearean name with a really interesting, strong, literary background. Also, the theory that "Imogen" was a misprint is actually a debated fact, since that spelling and pronunciation was actually used while Shakespeare was alive. If it was actually an error, one would think that he, the playwright, would have corrected it before the play was performed (unless, of course, he liked the sound of "Imogen" more than "Innogen".) Either way, the name was invented by Shakespeare, and how can a name invented centuries ago by one of the greatest writers, creative minds, and wordsmiths of all time possibly be trashy or modern?
I don't understand why this name isn't used in the US, so beautiful and not trashy like Madison or Brooklynne.
Pronounced like "imagine" but with the long o sound instead of the a. I love this name, it's really pretty and still strong. Sounds lovely. As for the nickname comments, Imo is used, so is Em.
This is my name and I absolutely hate it. I always get called Emoji.
Seriously, people think that name is ugly and then they choose trashy name like Madison, Addison, Paisley, Riley, Aubree (which is clearly a masculine name) for their daughter? Ahahaahaaha Imogen is classy, elegant and amazing for a princess in a fairytale.
Is there any need to be horrible and rude about a name which many people have no choice but to identify with. It’s not something easily changed even though Imogen is a beautiful name (and this goes for all names ). I was once told don’t comment on something negative about someone unless they can change it in 5 seconds - for example, you have something on your teeth, which can easily be scrubbed off but telling someone their hair colour is ugly or especially your name sounds is ugly and sounds like a chemical formula cannot be changed easily and can really damage someone's self confidence.
It looks like a mistake; a typo. Which, ironically, is how the name was popularized to begin with. I couldn't 'Imogen' naming my child something so abrasive to the ears and eyes. It's a very ugly name. There's no cute way to shorten that either. Im and Immy sounds weird. Almost like a deaf person saying "Timmy".

In fact, it also sort of looks like a scientific word.
(ex. Iodine, Isomer, Imogen, Isotope...)

"Imogen Heap" sounds like a bunch chemicals in a pig-pile.
It's kind of ugly to me but for some reason I love it... lol.
This is a monstrosity like what one person says, it sounds like a chemical. What’s an Imogen? The pronunciation makes my mouth twist and turn. It’s simply not nice.
What is ugly about Imogen! My friend is called Imogen and she is the most beautiful person in the world. You are all just haters with boring names like Karen or Gertrude.
Imogen is really unfeminine sounding. To the comment below, Karen and Gertrude are much prettier than Imogen. I should know, my name's Karen.
Not sure how to pronounce this name. But either way I do think it sounds ugly.
Most ugly name I have ever heard. What is an emogen? Sounds like something chemical to me. People just try to be unique these days and make a fool out of themselves.
I love this name! Honestly, my name is Imogen. I don't mean to show off or annoy anyone but, I really like my name and I also like these: Evie, Beth, Alex for a girl. Heaps more. I'm serious. I've seen other comments. I'm not strong or beautiful.
I kinda like it, though since I'm from the US, it's seldom heard.
It sort of reminds me of a mirror- I guess because I tend to accidentally pronounce it "imm-ah-jen" which sort of sounds like "image-en"
It's pretty.
Imogen Poots is an English actress. She played Tammy in the post-apocalyptic science fiction horror film 28 Weeks Later, Linda Keith in the Jimi Hendrix biopic Jimi: All Is by My Side, Debbie Raymond in the Paul Raymond biopic The Look of Love and Julia Maddon in the American action movie Need For Speed. In 2016 she starred as Kelly Ann in the Showtime series Roadies.
I do not like this name.
Imogen Forsyte was a character in "The Forsyte Saga" by John Galsworthy.
Innogen is another version of this name.
I have to agree with some of the comments on this name. The spelling really does look ugly - the "m" and "g" together especially. It sounds fine when said out loud, but it's not a name that I would ever to choose to use for anything. What an unfortunate mistake it was by Shakespeare's printer that caused this name to be become popular instead of Innogen, which personally I think sounds at least slightly better.
Immy is a cute nickname though.
Imogen Edwards-Jones, is a British writer, author and journalist, who blogs for and Get the Gloss.
The name Imogen was given to 141 girls born in the US in 2015.
My name is Imogen Rose and I have lots of nicknames ImmI, Immy, Imo, Emogi and Im.
My name is Imogen and I think it's a nice unique name and it's really old. I've only met one person called Imogen and she was in nursery school with me and she left half way through the year. It's a very rare name and I love it. I used to think I was the only one called Imogen.
This name is so ugly.
I really don't like this, just because I don't like the 'G' sound in names, whether it's a hard G or a soft G.
My name is Imogen and people pronounce my name differently. I pronounce it IM-MER-GEN. My friends say IM-A-GINE. My mum says IM-ER-GHEN (THE GH LIKE SH).
I really don't like this name. It kind of sounds like a person trying to say imagine, but failing miserably. The "o" and the "g" also look really harsh in the spelling. I can usually find some appeal in certain names, but I can't in this one. Sorry for being harsh, but that's really how I feel about this name.
Well, the latest incarnation of Imogen is on her way. ETA April 20th 2016, New York City USA I just learned today. Named primarily after Imogen Cunningham, the mother is an American Photographer (the Father is a British Entrepreneur). The name stands out and is even unusual sounding so the wearer will need to be a strong and confident young girl and woman. If that's the plan for your daughter she'll have no problem with this name. I thought Imogen D's comment above nailed it and at 21 I hope she has a fantastic life in front of her as the holder of this most adorable, powerful, strong, artistic, ancient, futuristic, mysterious even dangerous name!
At first I didn't believe "Imogen" was a name for people. I thought it was an emo band or something. It reminds me of "emoji." I find the beginning syllable awkward…

It's unique, though. And I'd imagine that an Imogen would be a good, fun friend; kind of eccentric and exciting; someone who smiles a lot and brightens up the room. However, she may be a bit too loud at times.

I'd never known of Shakespeare's 'Cymbeline' until I read the description, so my first impression of the name is unaffected by any Shakespearean connotations.
Yes, please, as mentioned above: let's not leave out Imogen Heap! In my opinion, she has been a major contributor to pioneering the future of the way in which music is being so beautifully created as the worlds of classical and electronic music combine. She's classically trained, tech savvy, a talented lyricist, multi-instrumentalist (primarily piano), producer and she definitely has the most unique voice I've ever heard; range from alto to tenor (so I've read).

And that's my two cents. :) Awesome tidbit that's worth more, if you ask me. :-D.
My name is Imogen Grace and my nickname is Imo. I like the name, I just think it's a little bland.
BEAUTIFUL, unique, and strong girls name with a lot of history behind it.
I was in love with the name Imogen as a teenager and still really like it. It's the name of Julia Stiles' character in a movie called Down to You. Something about the way it rolls off the tongue is so pretty. But my husband and family aren't crazy about the name.
Can't stand it myself, it's such a fussy and boring name. In England it's really overused and just sounds ugly and clunky for a girl. I happen to like gender-neutral names as a rule, but this particular one is awful.
My name is Imogen and people call me Imi. I couldn't ask for my parents to name me anything prettier. It's not extremely common where I live in England but I like it that way. A couple of people also call me "gen" or "genny" I'm not sure if other Imogens get that?
I think this name is a bit too overused. There are 4 people in my year called Imogen, 3 of which are in my class. I really do like the name and the different nicknames that come with it. For instance, in my class there is an Imi, Immy and Immi (that's the only way people know which one your talking about). There are about 20 other people in my school called this. So I think it's suddenly become too overused but I still think it's quite a nice name.
For the life of me I can't remember the name of the show, but on a British sitcom I once saw in the 1980's, a wife fighting with her husband tells him she's leaving him for a woman named Imogen. He calmly tells her she's lying. (In fact, she is.) She asks how he knows, and he yells, "Because people aren't really CALLED Imogen!"
This is a cool name. I thought it was weird at first, but it's really growing on me. It's not common where I live either.
There is a naughty kid named Imogene in "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever".
It's a misspelling. Used by a lot by people who prefer "classic" names and turn up their noses at invented ones. The name reminds me of hypocrisy.

Of course, not every person who uses this name is like that. The name itself is okay, and certainly better than many popular names in the US and UK.
My name is Imogen, and at 21 I have to say I have never resented my parents for choosing it- the name was chosen from Cymbeline, the great thing about it is it's a name I can take anywhere. I can walk into a 5 star restaurant and feel perfectly at home, I also worked in a very low end job as a favour to someone once and it worked well there too. I hate people pronouncing it 'Emmergen' or 'immergen' it's Imogen, or Gim- not Immy or Imo, Imogen or Gim. I think it's also terribly opinionated to call it ugly and can honestly say I have NEVER been teased for it, if anything the opposite. Also, the words people always use to describe me are strong, independent, intelligent. I feel like my name totally represents me. :)
Imogen is a beautiful name! I love the cute nickname "Immy"! :D Immy has the same appeal like Emmy and Cammy. ^_^
The name Imogen was given to 131 baby girls born in the U.S. in 2013.
Imogen is an ugly name in my opinion! Also, people pronounce this name so differently (with a j or a strong g sound). Imogen also sounds like you are pronouncing the word "imagine" wrong. It just confuses me so much. Maybe it works better in other countries, but not in the USA.
I really don't like this name. The sounds are just ugly. And 'Immy/Imy/Immi' just sound like silly names, even for tiny kids.
I was surprised to see that this name wasn't on the top 1000 list in America and such goofy names such as Karma were. Just remember that there is always Imogen if you have sadly ended up with Karma Unïqua Jubileigh.
This is a beautiful name, I pronounce it 'Im' as in him - o - Jen -
I love it so much my 10 year old is called Imogen Grace. Nobody liked it when I named her as it was so uncommon but now she gets complimented on it.
I do get the hump though when people screech Imijean at her..
I had to comment since some people wrote on this name "ugly". Personally I just think that is ignorant. Imogen is a classy, beautiful, old name that isn't over-used. I live in America where although I know Imogen Heap well, I have never heard the name being used. I think it will be uprising on the charts in the next years... I just hope people don't start Americanizing it like "Emmagyn" or other misspellings.. I feel like that cheapens it. My future daughters names if I get three girls would be Imogen, Astrid, and Jordana. I also like the Finnish name Enni. I think all these names are easy to pronounce, classy, international, unique and modern.
I used to hate this name, but lately I've grown to love it. It has a timeless, elegant feel to it. I'm from Australia, and it's definitely uncommon here, though not unheard of. I pronounce it EE-mo-jen.
As much as I want to, I don't like this name. The way it sounds is just kind of weird.
I love it! Very lovely name.
I love this name, but I think it will become too hipster popular soon. England sometimes starts name trends, and pretty soon this will be the next name in the States. Even if that happens, I will always love this name.
My sister's best friend is named Imogen; she's always gone by Imma. It's extremely uncommon in the USA so a lot of people call her Emma, but she gets a lot of compliments on her full name. You have options for childhood nicknames in Imma, Mo, and Jen/Jenny, but overall I think the name ages really well. Imogen Heap's music is really good too.
Imogen Cunningham (born 1883 in Portland, Oregon) was an American photographer.
Very pretty and exotic sounding girls name.
Sure, a lot of old names are making a comeback, but I wouldn't recommend Imogen it if you live in the USA. It is rarely pronounced correctly here and believe me, what you will hear will not be pretty.
I didn't like Imogen at first, but after listening to Imogen Heap's music, this name grew on me a bit. It's far from being one of my favorites, but it sounds nice. It's a shame that Imogen is not really used in America where I live. Imogen definitely sounds more mature than a lot of the names trendy in America right now.
Imogen has what it takes to be the next Emily.
I love this name! So refined and lovely, not frilly like so many other popular names. I wish it were a bit more popular in the U.S.!
Imogen Holst -Beitish conductor and daughter of the great composer Gustav Holst.
It looks like 'i morgen' which is Danish for tomorrow.

I don't know. At first I thought it was really odd but I have found it to have some kind of strange appeal.
Ugly, ugly name.

I think of an ugly old woman who has been fickle, ill, and mean her entire life.
Pretty! It sounds like 'imagine'.
Gorgeous name. I love the nickname Immy.
If Innogen hadn't been misspelled Imogen in Cymbeline, I would never have come across such a beautiful name. Imogen sounds so gorgeous, elegant and cool. Makes me think of a confident, opinionated, independent girl who loves music. I don't know why people say Imogen's a common name. I've never met any Imogens. To me, this name is really unique. I'd love to call my own daughter Imogen.
One famous bearer is the British actress Imogen Poots aka Tammy from 28 Weeks later.

It's such a beautiful name!
Imogen is gorgeous, it's such a beautiful name. Classy yet strong but still uncommon. I find it quite evocative and ethereal. I can never understand why some Americans insist on the pronunciation emmma jean - not only does it ruin a beautiful name but the ending is clearly not spelt like that, they don't have a problem with Jennifer so why pronounce gen as jean?

I envy anyone called this!
Imogen Morris Clarke is an English model.
Wow. This is probably one of the strangest names I've ever heard. I like it! This is a very pretty name. When I hear this name, I always think of Imogen Heap, and she's awesome!
I don't understand why people like this name. The pronunciation of the name makes it sound like you have a cold and you're trying to say "I mow Jen". I don't understand the appeal of a name where it sounds like you've run over a girl named Jen with a lawn mower.
I've always pronounced it EE-mo-jean. It sounds really pretty awesome. With the exception of a lame American subculture that might get associated with it.
Please stop that. It's I'm OH jen. That's it. If you want -gene use Imogene or Emma Jean.
This is a really pretty name, but it doesn't exactly sound fresh and innovative in English-speaking countries outside the US and Canada. Having said that, the name will surely sound good on girls and women alike.
Since the name Imogen appears printed that way several dozen times in Shakespeare's Cymbeline, it is much more likely that this was an intentional adaptation on Shakespeare's part rather than an accidental printing error. He made a similar change from the traditional Cordeilla to his version Cordelia for his King Lear.
This name reminds me of allergen.
"Inghean", the Gaelic word from which this name comes, actually means "daughter". The root that "inghean" came from meant "girl", but for the most part it means daughter now.

The Irish descendant of "inghean", "iníon", strictly means "daughter".

The Scottish descentant of "inghean", "nighean", can mean "girl" but its primary meaning is "daughter".
I'm not sure if I like this name or not yet. I just can never remember how to pronounce it.
Not only is this my personal impression but it's famous bearer as well. I absolutely love this name. It's not often used, original, and all around beautiful. The famous woman photographer Imogen Cunningham was an AMAZING woman. Very strong. I want my daughter to be named after her, she's been a big inspiration in my life and I hope that my daughter will inherit her strong traits through her name.
I love this name, it sounds classy and it's not common at all.
Ugly, ugly, ugly. Who would want to tourture their daughter with a name like this. You're just asking for her to be teased in the school-yard.
I think the AYE-mo-jean pronunciation just kills this otherwise beautiful name. I prefer IM-ma-jen or even IM-ma-gen. It rolls better.
I am loving this name at the moment. If I ever have another girl, this will probably be her name.
In Gaelic it means maiden but in Hebrew it means Image of her Mother.
This is a cool name, and a very beautiful one, too. I think it'd be just as cool if pronounced with a hard G sound.
I love this name! But most people in the U.S. pronounce it "Aye-m-o-jean." I love it when it is pronounced "Emma-gen."
I've never been that fussed with the name Imogen. Even though it's my name. People keep coming up to me and saying "Oh what a modern name" even though it's been around for centuries!
I think that this is a beautiful name that is rarely used but when it is, it suits the person perfectly.
I like this name, although I have never met an Imogen before. Also, that was the name of the baby girl in About A Boy of which Hugh Grant's character was asked to be godfather of.
A lovely, beautiful and strong name. Sounds refined and is not tacky.
This is a beautiful name that would equally suit a child or a grown woman. Although there are several famous Imogens I have only ever met one in my life.
It was always my understanding that this name was indeed a misprint of Innogen from Shakespeare's Cymbeline, but that it was derived from the Greek words "Inno" (beloved) and "Gen" (child) rather than from the Irish.
Imogen Bailey is a famous Australian model.
Emogen is another form of this name, which is very popular in the US.
Contrary to the comment above, neither "Imogen" nor "Emogen" are popular in the U.S. I had NEVER heard this name used before until I saw the play Cymbeline, and I've lived in the U.S. all of my life.
Actually, neither Imogen nor Emogen made an appearance in the top 1000 U.S. baby names in 2005, the last year for which Social Security Administration data is available.
Imogen Cunningham was one of the best-known American female photographers.
Imogen Stubbs is a British actress.
I love this name and called my second daughter by the same. People say "that's a new one" - but it is an old name.
My daughter is called Imogen! I love this name. We are from Germany, where this name is very, very exceeding and uncommon.
Famous bearer: Imogen Heap.
Great name for a strong, independent, intelligent girl.

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