Sounds quite strange, but I think it's an amazing name for a boy.
Also written Inaki, pronounced exactly the same. In Basque, N and L are palatalized after I. Ñ is used due to Spanish influence, so Inaki should be older than Iñaki.
Ignatios (Greek). [noted -ed]
Iñaki Urdangarin y Liebaert, is a retired handball player, turned entrepreneur, accused of embezzling about 6 million euros in public funds for sporting events since 2004 through his nonprofit foundation, the so-called Nóos case, and of political corruption by using his former title of Duke of Palma as the husband of the Infanta Cristina.
The pronunciation of this name is ee-NYAH-kee. That's as close as I can get, since English doesn't have the "ñ" sound. It's like the Italian "gn". [noted -ed]
Inaki Urdangarin, proffesional handball player, is married to Infanta (Princess) Cristina of Spain.
Ballet dancer Iñaki Urlezaga is a famous bearer.

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