Inas El Degheidy (born 10 March 1953) is an Egyptian film director. Inas directs films of social and realistic essence, often by using explicit scenes; this has made her be labelled as "controversial". While her films often analyze women's struggles in society, she does not like the term "women's cinema".
Name carried by artist and curator Inas Al-soqi (Brasov, RO 1987).
Name carried by Inas X singer and artist.
The meaning of the name is unknown, but a possible meaning of the name is equal to the Spanish name Ines derived from the name Agnes.

Another possible meaning of the name throughout the Arab speaking world, could be derived from the goddess Inanna or even the word “of human” which explains its modern meaning often connected with “friendly” “empathetic” “humane”.
Originally a unisex name carried by both men an women in the Middle East or amongst Arabic associated nations or even amongst Muslims.
A variant spelling of this name is 'Enaas'; it is pronounced as ee-naas.

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