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I am in love with this name and hope to use it on a future girl. When referring to the moon of Jupiter, it is commonly pronounced EYE-oh in English. I find that to be the most attractive pronunciation.
mhill461  7/24/2017
This is a pretty name, and would be cool as a nickname too, but don't name one child Io and the other Christianiannabellasabellaroselyn (you get what I mean). It would be cute to have Io and Ana as sisters or Io and Chloe.
― Anonymous User  11/23/2015
Old McDonald has a farm E, I, E, I, O.
― Anonymous User  10/1/2014
My mom's best friend is named Io. She pronounces it EE-Oh. She has talked about the fact that she was teased because oh the song "Bingo" and there being Io in it or something. It suits her well. And her mother's Greek.
DaisyGraceBaker  6/19/2014
According to, Io means "the moon", from the Argive dialect (iô).
New_Chloe  5/6/2013
I would have a bunch of jack russell terriers named after Jupiter's moons :)
foreverslowly  7/14/2012
In English, the name is pronounced EYE-Oh, at least the moon of Jupiter is pronounced this way. I think it is beautiful, but only when pronounced like this.
hearnoevil8  6/14/2011
Yes, Zeus did change Io into a cow, and Hera sent a fly to follow her all over the world, but I believe she was eventually turned back into a human, and Hercules (Herakles in Greek) descended from her about 11 generations later.
erb816  7/7/2010
I first heard about this name when I watched the remake of "Clash of the Titans". Io is a unique name, and I will certainly use this for a daughter.
Alstroemeria  4/30/2010
Io (Ιώ), pronounced EE-Oh, was a mythological figure. She was a priestess of Era (Hera in English) in Argos.

Zeus seduced the young woman and afterward turned her into a young virgin cow (heifer), to help her escape Hera's rage of jealousy. Unfortunately Hera did found her and captured her. She set a guard for Io, a very frightful Giant, a monster called Argos (were the area got it's name from).

Argos had 100 eyes all over his body and was a sleepless guard because when half his eyes were closing for sleep the other half stayed open. He was the one that slayed another mythological monster, Echidna.

Hermes, after Zeus's order, dressed up as a shepherd and by playing his music instrument lira he made Argos fall completely asleep and killed him, setting Io free. Hera however send Io a gadfly to sting her all over the world until she jumped in the sea. The Ionian sea was named after her.

Io is the innermost of the four Galilean moons of the planet Jupiter.

Antonio da Correggio's 1530 painting "Jupiter and Io" represents the love affair.

Io (Ηώ or Εώ, or Αυγή in modern Greek) is another mythological figure, she was the goddess Dawn in English or Aurora in Latin. She was the beautiful daughter of Titans and her job was to open the gates of the sky for God Sun (Helios / Ήλιος, and not Apollo as many say) to come out with his chariot. She was wearing a dress the colour of saffron or krokus, and had rosy finger. She was spraying morning dew on earth.
lily25  3/29/2010
When I first heard this name, I did immediately think of I.O.U., or that I owed somebody something. But this is one of those names that grows on you. It's only two vowels, but they do carry an impact--you don't forget meeting a girl/woman named Io. Therefore, I don't think it's too short. In fact, I would seriously consider using this name.
erb816  1/27/2010
Io is too short for me to want to use it. It also makes me think of an I.O.U.
bananarama  9/30/2009
85 Io is a large main belt asteroid.
vomiting  6/12/2009
Pronounced "yo".
Emilie007  10/26/2008
In a way, this is a cool name: only two letters, yet it's technically two syllables, and it looks cool, kind of like number 10. But it is a bit minimalist for my taste. However, it sounds pretty cool pronounced ''IE-o'', whereas the pronunciation ''EE-o'' strikes me as absolutely atrocious and reminds me of horses and annoying children's songs from several decades back for some reason. Please make sure you pronounce it ''IE-o'' if you use it, at least that way it sounds like the awesome names Iona and Ione.
slight night shiver  6/5/2008
This name is so short but it makes such a big impact.
ilovespencerc  3/24/2008
I remember reading that Hera became jealous of Io and turned her into a cow, but this could be incorrect.
Marlene Sinclair  4/5/2007
Io is also a type of very beautiful moth. Named for the goddess, I presume.
visitor27  3/19/2007
"Onibaba" is Japanese for "Devil Lady", and Io is a nickname for it, as far as I know.
the_pumpkin_king  9/7/2005
After Zeus changed Io into a heifer, Hera saw her and sent a gadfly to chase her out of Greece. She fled across the Mediterranean to Egypt, where she arrived on the sand from the ocean. The Egyptians thought she was divine, so they worshipped her. After a while, Hera forgave her and turned her back into a girl, and the son she had became the first Egyptian Pharaoh.
ashleydunfee  6/15/2005

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