This name is pronounced “eye-oh-na”.
I would really like this as EYE-o-na. But as eye-O-na it reminds me too much of "I own a" as in "I own a car" :( But it is a beautiful name in general.
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It's a splendid, cheerful yet moody sounding name.
Like the overused, albeit pretty Isla, Iona is also the name of a Scottish island beginning with I, so I think it'd make a nice alternative.
In the book 'The Secret Deep' by Lindsay Galvin, the main character's aunt and guardian is called Iona.
Hi my name is Iona which is pronounced I own a. I was basically named after my great grandma and I used to hate my name because people at school would tease my name like they would say I own a new car or I own a horse and I would always complain to my parents that I hate my name, but basically I started loving it because I searched the meaning of Iona and the meaning is nice- it’s cool that it means purple jewel and there’s an island named Iona which is nice and that I would want to visit and I know some of your guys' names are Iona too so yeah if people tease or anything just ignore them or show them how pretty your name is to them and they might just be jealous of your guys' names because it sounds good.
Iona is my sister's name... our family have a faint connection to the Isle of Iona, Scotland, an island I have visited often. Indeed, all people named Iona should try and visit the Isle of Iona at last once in their life time. It's a truly beautiful and inspiring place!
My name is Iona Rudder pronounced I own a. I was named by my paternal grandmother after the island in Scotland even though my grandmother was born and bred in Barbados. I love my name and always have. I don't know any other Ionas. I pride myself on being a strong, bold, feisty female and believe my name fits well with my character. If you are thinking of naming your daughter Iona, I applaud your choice. She will live and grow into her name. I know I did. Thanks Nan xxx.
The name Iona was given to 64 girls born in the US in 2015.
My name is Iona McCluskey, I was born May 2, 1986 and I have always pronounced it I o na, like I own a. My father named me after the island between Scotland and Ireland, I don't know why. I used hate it because kids can be so cruel, and I got made fun of a lot. but once my father passed away I grew to love it. I think of it as a bond my father and I share. One day I would like to visit Iona and see its beauty for myself.
I've always thought it was pronounced like the name Fiona (fee-O-nə) only without the f. I guess without a consonant at the forefront it might change the pronunciation, but I've always pronounced the name ee-o-na. No matter how it's pronounced, I like the name very much. In fact, whenever I played computer games, ages ago, I always chose Iona Shaw as my character name. I originally used Iona O'Shay, but then I changed it. This time I'm choosing it for a story I'm writing instead of just a game character.
This name also has a great history behind it because its close tie to the history of The Book of Kells. Many historians think it was either partly or entirely written there.
Iona is also used in Catalan as a short from of Mariona.
As stated under the name "Ione" (Greek Mythology, English), "From Greek ιον (ion) meaning "violet flower". This was the name of a sea nymph in Greek mythology. It has been used as a given name in the English-speaking world since the 19th century, though perhaps based on the Greek place name Ionia, a region on the west coast of Asia Minor."
I always thought it means violet. In Greek ion means violet, like the flower.
I think it's a gorgeous name, very Scottish and that appeals to me. It seems spiritual in a way but I guess that is the religious connection. I've always known it to be pronounced eye-own-a. I much prefer it to Isla which is becoming very common on new babies near me.
There's a college a few blocks from my school with this name, so I can't imagine it on a person. I like the sound though.
Iona Brown, British violinist and conductor.
I don't find it spunky at all. I think of a gentle, calm, strong and sophisticated woman. It's very graceful to me. The name is just uncommon enough, but still legit. And being connected to Scotland and Celtic Xianity just makes it that much better for me. ; )
This is a really cool name, but it might lead to all sorts of ''I own a'' jokes, especially with certain surnames. What puts me off of it a teensy weensy bit is the similarity of the ending to Leona, which in turn makes me think of Leona Helmsley, that cruel woman. Having said that, this has always made me picture a lively, spunky girl who doesn't give a rat's ass about other people's views about her.
Pronounced eye-oh-na.
I like this name. I would always think of it as a Scottish name.
In the book "Twilight Child," Eleni ends up in Scotland living with some other girls. One of them is named Iona after the place where she was found. She turned out to be the daughter of a selkie (I think it was a selkie - I may be wrong).
I've only heard this pronounced "eye-OWN-uh".
The Hebrew meaning of Iona is 'dove'.
Aye, the origin is Scots but it also means "blessed".

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