The name is pretty, but the child may get jokes about it if they ever read "Antigone" in school.
Looks unattractive.
I prefer to pronounce this beautiful name as IZ-mehn or with a Scandinavian twist iz-MEH-nah.
Pronunced "eez-MEEN" or "eez-MEE-nee" in English.
I've always heard it pronounced "iz-MAY-nee" which I think is the prettiest of all those mentioned.
One of my friends has a great-grandmother named this, although she spells it Ismini. She was born in Greece. At first I hated this name, since I read Antigone and found Ismene rather annoying. But meeting my friend's great-grandma helped me like it, since she really is knowledgeable (like the meaning) despite being over 100 years old.
It's a pretty name. I heard it in my Humanities class and fell in love with it.

BTW, I pronounce it "Iz-MUH-neh".
The only jokes the girl will get on the name will be on the "is-meanie" pronunciation. How many children know about Greek mythology? I honestly didn't know of the incest association until I read these comments.

Having gotten that off my chest, it's kind of cute. Not beautiful or pretty, but cute. It isn't a favorite.
I don't like it. It reminds me too much of "is meanie". Antigone eclipses it entirely.
Ismene was the daughter of Esperanza and Estevan that got taken away from them in Guatemala in the book The Bean Trees, by Barbara Kingsolver.
Ugly. It sounds like "is mean", and it feels troublesome to have a name associated with a child of incest.
Say it with me, people:
My literature book (World Drama from Holt, Rinehart, and Winston) says it's pronounced is-MEN-ee. However, my teacher and all of the students say is-MEE-nee.
I've always heard this pronounced iz-MEE-nee.
Like other names attached to the story of Oedipus, I think this name shouldn't be passed on - it's legendary and immortal, and no child should have it. Yes, it's a beautiful name, but ... any child named Ismene (or Antigone) would be bugged throughout school about being the product of incest.
" any child named Ismene (or Antigone) would be bugged throughout school about being the product of incest."

You were reading Sophocles in grade school, eh? IMPRESSIVE.
I have really liked this name ever since I read "Antigone" in English class, although her character bugged me. I probably wouldn't use it on my child but it's pretty nevertheless.
The only person in Oedipus' family to survive the Oedipus Cycle.

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