Why is there so much hate? My name is Isobel and I think it’s nice. It’s different from how people usually spell it and it looks unique.
Why are so many of the comments here negative? (obviously all from the same person)... my name is Isobel and whilst I used to think it was weird, I've grown to love it. It's unique but not unheard of, and to me it sounds soft, pretty, and wintry. This name is awesome :)
Ugly spelling.
I don't understand why Isobel gets so much hate. I think it's pretty! And much nicer than Isabel/Isabelle.
Idk, it's not really good in my opinion. I wouldn't use it. :/
Isabelle is the best spelling :))
I don't understand how the ratings of this name are so high yet many of the comments are negative. Anyway, I like this name, Something about it feels so unique. This is my favorite variant of Isabel when being used outside of Scotland, I do like Isobelle too.
Yikes! All the negativity on this name is well deserved. Wouldn't use it unless I was Scottish.
I feel so sorry for the people who have this name tbh.
Really ugly, I'm so sorry.
The o makes it look weird and immature.
Not a very nice spelling for an English name. We already have Isabelle?
Nothing much, just another kri8yv spelling. It's nice as a Scottish name, but as an English name, it's nothing but a bastardization of such a beautiful and classical name.
Not too pretty, tbh I prefer Isabel so much more but Isabelle is my absolute favorite spelling. I hate every other creative spelling.
Wouldn't recommend. This name would always be misspelled and spelled like the real name Isabel or Isabelle. This name can work as a Scottish name, but as an English name it's pure disappointment. This is pretty insulting to the actual, traditional name. Definitely not recommended.
Very ugly spelling indeed. No wonder all of the positive comments on this name have such low ratings. It's not that hard to use Isabel you know.
Such a disgrace! So disrespectful to those who bear the traditional name Isabel/Isabelle. The o looks so out of place and extra, it stands out in a horrible way. Please stop using these krie8yve names, just use the normal version! What's the need for an o? It makes me want to pronounce it like iz-O-behl/iz-O-bəl. The o looks so wrong, just use the traditional a instead of the ugly o. Stop! Using! Krie8yve! Names! Please!
Rare and badass, would definitely use this name.
So much better than Isabel! I actually despise Isabel, because it doesn't age well, and is not cute! Isobel, on the other hand, is cute, ages well, and the o is all it needs to be a much better name.
Definitely the best spelling of Isabelle names out there. I would totally use this.
I love this name, and much prefer this spelling to the more popular Isabel/Isabell/Isabelle...
This is a fine spelling, but I prefer Isabel. Also, people will probably mishear it as Isabel.
I just love Isobel so much! I like most of the Isabel related names and find them very feminine, elegant, refined and sophisticated, but the downside of many of them is that they are very popular in the English-speaking world, others may feel a bit pretentious. Recently though, my favourite form of this name has become the Scottish Isobel, and Ishbel is fantastic too! It is still very feminine, classy, sophisticated, refined, elegant, gentle, not kreatyv, but also has a bit of an edge, is more stylish, and the o makes it look sort of more full and whole, adds more flavour and character than the usual A, and, while it's feminine and gentle, it's less frilly than Isabella for example and has more of a strong, firm feel. Also I like the kind of cool air of this name, I mean cool as in a bit cold. I see all those Isabel names as rather cold with my synaesthetic brain, but Isobel particularly so and it's not a downside at all. Just makes me think of winter, of something smooth and cool to touch, and it tastes creamy and has this kind of texture as well. I think it's a cool alternative if you like the sound of Isabella, Isabelle or Isabel, or even Bella, but are put off by the popularity. I like it because it's Scottish, because I love Scotland, Scots language and Scottish culture. It also makes me think of Enya's song "Isobella" (and Isobella is a cool name too) and Björk's "Isobel".
Isobel Holly is a young English singer from Bath. I am not sure though if Holly is her middle name or surname as I couldn't find the info on that.
My favorite spelling of this name! I wish other versions were less popular so it was actually useable. Unfortunately, it will probably get misspelled as Isabel/Isabell 100% of the time.
My name is Margaret (first name) Isobel (middle name) and I think it's such a pretty and regal name, and not just because it's mine!
I love this name. It's my favourite spelling and this is how I thought it was spelled when I was little, before I saw it written. It looks and sounds so regal and sophisticated and reminds me of snow.
I have this name, and honestly it just gets frustrating to spell every single time. I just go by Izzy.
I prefer Isabel.
I'm surprised this isn't as popular as Isabel, Isabella, and Isabelle.
My preference for Isobel spellings ranked most liked to disliked:

1. Isobel
2. Isabelle
3. Isabel (is a bell).
I like it and it sounds classy and nice. Personally I prefer it to Isabel and not just because that is my name. However it is for some reason not as popular as other versions such as Isabelle or Isabel.
This spelling is cute. The O in the middle is pretty instead of the A. I think Isabelle looks too frumpy, Isabel is too plain, Isabella is overused, but this name is just lovely.
This is my favourite spelling of the name. I also love Isabelle, but find Isabel a little plain. I love Izabelle and Izabella, as they are unusual but not crazy. I do like Isabella too, but it has become so popular. Isobel is just perfect to me. I prefer Belle to Izzy, as a nickname.
I am a 72yr old Scot and my name is ISOBEL. The only problem I have had is I have had to spell my name for people most of my life. Even though I say or spell my name very clearly eg; IS pause O pause BEL people still write Isabel, IsabeLL or Isabelle and many other variations.
I like this spelling much better than Isabella or Isabelle/ Izabella, etc... it is pretty, and not frilly!
The name Isobel was given to 91 girls born in the US in 2015.
I find this spelling very cute, pretty, innocent, lovely and adorable looking. :)
My name is Isobel, and for the first thirteen years or so of my life I didn't really like it - not generally, just not for myself. Now however, I love my name as a name by itself and for me. Just recently I learned my parents never intended the O to be very important or pronounced, but I had been asking people (quite shyly) to pronounce it. I have disregarded my parents initial ideas of the pronunciation (they chose it because it is Welsh, as is much of my background) and asked people to pronounce the O, though it is a subtle difference.

It's a very lovely name, elegant in look and sound - it does set one apart in a small but significant way. Sometime however (more recently now) people have thought my name is Elizabeth when I introduce myself. Not too often though.

I love my name more than ever now, and it makes me feel a little special - always has.
While primarily associated with Scotland, Isobel is also used in England. My gran was called this, and she had no Scottish connection whatsoever. I believe it turns up also in old English medieval records, when spellings were more idiosyncratic than now.
I like this name much more than Isabelle, Isabel, or Isabella. Especially with the n.n. Izzy.
Isobel (Izzy) is the name of one of the primary characters in George Macdonald's Salted with Fire.
I find this name so beautiful! I love Izzy as a nickname.
The name Isobel was given to 83 baby girls born in the US in 2012 :)
In the 1950s and 1960s the refined and elegant Lady Isobel Barnett (born Isobel Morag Marshall in Aberdeen) was a popular British TV personality. A doctor, she was born in 1918 and died in tragic circumstances in 1980.
This is my grandmas name and my favourite name, one thing that really annoys me is I post a lot of things on nameberry and most of them say it has a different pronunciation even though it is pronounced as Isabel.
I like this spelling better. It's much more classy IMO.
This is grandmother's name and one of my favourites. I love the nickname Bella.
I prefer this spelling as it seems less uber-frilly and is more refined.
Very refreshing to the disgustingly popular Isabella.
I like this name, because as a synesthete, it looks sort of like the night sky to me. The 'o' is white and round like the moon, the 'b' and 's' are yellow like stars and, disregarding the 'e' because it doesn't quite fit, the dark 'i' and 'l' make the background. I'm not too fond of the nickname 'Izzy' though. It sounds sort of trashy to me. Also, I don't like Isabel at all.
I absolutely detest the spellings Isabel, Isabelle, Isabella etc. Yet for some reason I love the spelling Isobel. However, I wouldn't name my daughter Isobel because it is pronounced the same as and could be mistaken for Isabel, which is also far too common.
Isobel Gowdie was a Scottish woman who was tried for witchcraft in 1662. Her detailed confession, apparently achieved without the use of torture, offers one of the most detailed looks at European witchcraft folklore at the end of the era of witch-hunts.

There is no record of her being executed.

In 1955, retired English soldier Robin Green believed that he saw the ghost of Isobel Gowdie while camping alone in Auldearn.

Isobel Gowdie and her magic have been remembered in a number of later works of culture. She has appeared as a character in several novels, such as the biographical novels The Devil's Mistress by novelist and occultist J. W. Brodie-Innes, Isobel by Jane Parkhurst, the fantasy novel Night Plague by Graham Masterton, and Noches Paganas: Cuentos Narrados junto al Fuego del Sabbath by Luis G. Abbadie;

Isobel Gowdie is also the subject of songs by Creeping Myrtle and Alex Harvey. Maddy Prior's song The Fabled Hare is based upon the spell quoted above. The Inkubus Sukkubus song Woman to Hare, from the album Vampyre Erotica is based on Isobel's statement, and quotes her words at the end of the lyrics. The Confession of Isobel Gowdie is a work for symphony orchestra by the Scottish composer James MacMillan.

Furthermore, some of her own literary works have been included in Oxford University Press's Early Modern Women Poets: 1520-1700: An Anthology, as well as World Poetry: An Anthology of Verse from Antiquity to Our Time.
This is a very sophisticated and beautiful name. It is a name I would consider my child. I like Bella for a nickname, as I'm not keen on Izzy. It's so much softer than the more common spelling of Isabelle.
My friend's name is Isobel and we always call her Izzy. I love this name, and I think it's very classy, beautiful and sophisticated, and Izzy is a really cute nickname. I'm not sure which spelling I prefer - Isabel or Isobel? The "o" makes it look it look spunkier, but the Isabel is the original spelling. I don't think I could ever decide.
I've always liked all the Isabel variations apart from Isabella since it's so insanely popular right now and I've just heard it too often. My favorite was always Isabelle because it's French but lately I've started to like the Scottish form much more. The o instead of an a somehow makes it less frilly and on the whole, I think this name looks stronger than the ones spelled with an -a. The only downside is that it's pronounced the same way as Isabel so a girl named Isobel would still meet with plenty of other girls with practically the same name.
I am probably crazy, but the O in the middle makes this name looks "fat" to me. I would just stick with the Isabelle spelling.
It's a lovely, charming name. I definitely prefer this to Isabel(le).
Isobel is Julia's twin sister in the book My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult.
Someone with this spelling is Isobel Campbell, formerly of the Scottish band Belle&Sebastian.
I much prefer this spelling (along with Iseabail) over any of the others. The spelling just seems much more classy and sophisticated (to me) than Isabelle and the like.
The only variation of Isabelle, Isabel, etc., that I really like. Isobel is the name of a song by Björk and another song by Dido.
I like this spelling better than Izabel or Isabel. It's softer and more feminine sounding.
I don't like the "o" in the middle.
"Dear Isobel" is a song found in Dido's first album.
A famous Björk song is called Isobel. It is a part of a saga of a girl that was born in a forest, and after a lot of disappoitments decides to isolate herself, that's why she's called ISObel, not ISAbel.
In Scotland some people pronounced this "issable", not "izza-bell".
Isobel is my second daughter's name, it suits her so very well. I call her Isobel, although some other family members call her Izzy or Belle.
I find Isobel inscrutably appealing.
Isobel "Izzie" Stevens is a character on "Grey's Anatomy".
A famous bearer was Isobel MacDuff, Countess of Buchan, who ran away from her husband to crown Robert the Bruce. When she was captured by the English, they hung her in a cage off the walls of Berwick castle for five years, and she survived.
In the movie "Lady Hawk," the female lead is named Isobel. I think it is a beautiful name.
Just a side note: In the movie Lady Hawk, the main female character's name is Isabeau, not Isobel.
In the movie Ladyhawke the female lead, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, is actually named Isabeau. Both are beautiful names though.
I really love this name. It has sort of a Scottish charm about it.
Isobel Campbell is a Scottish singer and composer in the "twee pop" musical movement. Isobel was a member of the band Belle & Sebastian from their formation in Glasgow in 1996, until 2002.
This name can also be pronounced "Ee-zo-bal", you don´t have to pronounce it like Isabel. It is used as a name in Scotland.

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