This really should be listed as like... Islamic legend in origin? Not only is "Judeo-Christian" insulting to Jewish people who have spent literally over a thousand years being scapegoated and oppressed by the Christian church, but Israfil is specifically an ISLAMIC angel. He's often thought to be the Islamic counterpart to Raphael, but that's just conjecture.
This name is the Arab counterpart of Raphael, and I think it should be linked to that name family. [noted -ed]
It's like a blend of "Israel" and "Filisteen". Interesting...
According to The Complete Book of Muslim and Parsi Names by Maneka Gandhi and Ozair Husain, Israfil means "one who burns for God". Apparently the name derives from the Semitic root S-R-P, meaning "to burn", from which we also get the word "seraph".
"Israfel" is the name of the Seventh Angel in the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.
"Israfil" is also sometimes attributed as another name for the Archangel "Raphael", who's name means "God has healed".
"Israfel" was a poem by Edgar Allen Poe.
That's really cool. Guess I'll have to ask a Muslim if they know what it means. Or said angel. Have to wait for the end of the 70th week for that, though.

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