I had a friend at summer camp named Itzel. She told me it meant “evening star” or something similar, and another commenter said the same thing, so I’m gonna believe that. She was Mayan and said she really liked her name. I think it’s beautiful but I probably wouldn’t name my kid Itzel.
I know a girl named Itzell, she's from Honduras. Anyway, I think this is an okay name.
I know a girl who bears a variation of this name: Hitzel (the "h" is silent so it's pronounced like Itzel). Very interesting name.
My name is spelled differently than other "Itzel" my name has an "h" between the "z" and the "e'".
Mayan name meaning "evening star." Not a variant of Ixchel.
Oh, come on. You're not Native American.
I don't know what the heck that meant. If you don't grow up in a culture, you aren't allowed to use names from that culture, is that what you're saying? So, because I didn't grow up in Norway I can't name my daughter Sunniva or Solveig? And since I'm not Mayan, Itzel is off-limits? That's pretty warped.

Back on topic, I do have to say that I much prefer Ixchel to Itzel--it's softer.
This name is both cool and pretty, and it has a unconventional glamour. I think it sounds icy. Makes me think of a young woman who's strong, independent, rebellious, intelligent and absolutely beautiful. Itzel is such a gorgeous, spunky, modern name. Even though Itzel's really popular in Mexico it hasn't lost any of its glamour for me. I love indigenous names (especially Mexican ones) and Itzel is one of my favourites. I think Itzel and Citlali would make great names for sisters.
I have seen the variant Itzchel, which seems to be a blend of Itzel and Ixchel.
My dad really likes this name, very popular in Mexico.

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