Originally a short form of Germanic names beginning with the element iw meaning "yew".
It is name borrowed from a Brazil telenovel with Natalia Oreiro. One of characters was named "Ivo". This movie was very famous in Poland, so Polish mothers named their children "Iwo" (we don't use 'v' too often). This name isn't Polish.
Actually, we don't ever use "v" as there's no such letter in Polish alphabet.

And I agree. This name was used because of the soap opera. But if names like Andżelika, Dżesika, Kewin or Brajan can be "Polish" the more this one deserves to be Polish.
Actually, this IS a Polish name. It has two name days on this website. I have found older Polish men with the name Iwo - born WAY before there were ANY telenovelas. Iwo may be uncommon, but it's a real Polish name. So this name shouldn't be compared to someone in Poland using Kevin or Jessica.
I was replying to Kicia's comment, where she said that Iwo isn't Polish. And I was disagreeing with her. Even though you're right and it's been used way before the soap opera (according to wikipedia since at least 1206) it wasn't tremendously popular. It gained much popularity after this soap opera. And it doesn't sound Polish at all. Even Bruno (which isn't listed as a Polish name here) sounds more Polish to a Pole. But my point was actually what you said at the end. I was just pointing out how people in Poland wouldn't mind Dżesika but will go rant about Iwo.

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