Iza is also commonly used in the country of Georgia, where it is also the short form of იზაბელა (Izabela).

Iza is written as იზა in Georgian.

- (in Georgian)
- see the entry for Izabela: (in Georgian; the entry's own page unfortunately was not archived)
- see the entry for Izabela: (in Georgian; this website copied the complete entry of the prior link)
- Iza Orjonikidze (1938-2010), a Georgian poet and politician: (in English)
- Iza Gigoshvili (1938-2003), a Georgian actress: (in Georgian)

Of course, you can also find bearers on social media. On Facebook, you can perform an exact search using keywords like "Iza" + "Tbilisi" or simply "იზა". Be sure not to search for just "Iza", because then you will be overwhelmed with bearers from other countries.

If you don't have an account on LinkedIn, you can go to Google and do an exact search for "Iza" + "ge.linkedin". That should show all the bearers that allow for their LinkedIn account to be available on Google.
Lucille  6/16/2020

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