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Izabela Dylewska is a Polish sprint canoer who competed from 1987 to 1997. Competing in three Summer Olympics, she won two bronze medals in the K-1 500 m event, earning them in 1988 and 1992.

Dylewska's first success on the international kayaking scene occurred at the 1987 World Championships when she won a silver medal in the women's K-1 500 m event, which would prove to be her best event over the ensuing years. Dylewska won a second world championships' silver medal in the K-1 500 m in 1989.

In 1995, Dylewska partnered with Elżbieta Urbańczyk to win the silver medal at the 1995 World Championships in the women's K-2 500 m. Dylewska's partnership with Urbańczyk would result in two gold medals at the 1997 European Championships (K-2 200 m and K-2 1000 m), as well as a silver medal (K-2 200 m) and bronze medal (K-2 1000 m) at the 1997 World Championships.
Other diminutives for Izabela are in Polish:
Iza, Izka, Izabel, Isabell (anglicanized), Izuś, Izunia

However in Polish, Isabel (Izabela) and Elizabeth (Elżbieta) are TWO DIFFERENT NAMES, so don't make a mistake on that part. The same in English, Isabel is a name 'borrowed' from Spain, where it was local version of Elizabeth. For the English these 2 are different, but for the Spanish 'Elizabeth' is always 'Isabel'. In French they are just different variants of the same name.
Izabela is also the Georgian form of Isabella.

In Georgian, Izabela is written as: იზაბელა.
Here are some sources that back this up:

- (in Georgian)
- (in English; this is about the name)
- see the entry for Izabela: (in Georgian; the entry's own page unfortunately was not archived)
- see the entry for Izabela: (in Georgian; this website copied the complete entry of the prior link)

Of course, you can also find bearers on social media. On Facebook, you can perform an exact search using keywords like "Izabela" + "Tbilisi" or simply "იზაბელა". Be sure not to search for just "Izabela", because then you will be overwhelmed with bearers from other countries.

If you don't have an account on LinkedIn, you can go to Google and do an exact search for "Izabela" + "ge.linkedin". That should show all the bearers that allow for their LinkedIn account to be available on Google.
Izabela is also Slovene name. And short version is Iza.
Izabela is also a girls name in Croatia.
In Polish Izabela is pronounced ee-za-BEL-a. The standard pet form used is Iza (ee-za). [noted -ed]

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