My 3x great grandfather Jabez Dexter was born in New Hampshire 1790 Feb 26. Several of his children have biblical names. A DNA test showed me as having 2% European Jew and I'm wondering if Jabez had Jewish ancestors. I will probably never know.
Usage of that name in the US rose from below 10 to 90 in 2002 and 138 in 2003. What was the trigger for that rise?
Jabez Dawes, the subject of a poem by Ogden Nash. He is a thoroughly disagreeable boy whose worst vice is that he tells children that there is no Santa Claus. Santa Claus eventually comes down his chimney and turns him into a jack-in-the box, much to the rejoicing of everybody.
Jabez Wilson, a character in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Red-Headed League,” a story in the Sherlock Holmes series.
Jabez Wolffe (1876-1943) was a famous British swimming champion.
Jabez Howland was the son of John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley Howland, two Pilgrims. His house is the only remaining house in Plymouth where Pilgrims lived.
A famous fictional bearer of the name is Jabez Stone, the main character in Stephen Vincent Benét's short story The Devil and Daniel Webster.

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