I like the femininity that is associated with this name.
Jaclyn Noel Glenn (born March 25, 1988) is an American skeptic YouTuber and outspoken atheist.
It's just the lazy, trashy way of spelling Jacqueline. This name should be left in the 1970's along with Debbie and Cheryl.
I'm a Jaclyn. My parents named me after Jaclyn Smith of the original Charlie's Angels, the late 70s TV show (I was born in early 1980, but my birth year was part of the 70s era and so my parents wanted me to have a very 70s name). At the same time, my name is the closest combination of my parent's names (Jose/Jake and Linda). I came from a religious family and learned that Jaclyn is actually one of the feminine forms of Jacob, one of the patriarchs in the Bible and the father of the 12 tribes. I like the story of Jacob and his children, but funny thing is I'm irreligious. As for my take on this name, I don't like it that much because it's too feminine and doesn't suit me at all being a butch. Overall I find the spelling weird, Jacqueline looks better and it matches better with my second name Michelle (one of the popular names in the 70s) although again it sounds too feminine for me. I preferred to be called Jack instead.
At least spell it Jacklyn.
Why do people think that Jack is a nickname for Jaclyn? Well, it isn’t because Jack is a boy's name and isn’t related to Jaclyn whatsoever.
Weird, incomplete-looking spelling.
My name is Jaclyn. On the popularity portion of this site it shows a small blip in the use of this name in 1950 and 1953. The most popular period was in and after the 1970's, after Jaclyn Smith was such a hit on "Charlie's Angels". I was born in 1950. I really like my name- to me it is a softer sound than Jacqueline and easier to spell for a small child. I think of myself as a caring and kind person, and that's what my friends tell me. I'm a retired oncology nurse. My father was 1st generation Italian. His parents were from northern Italy near the French and Austrian borders. I believe that's where they got the name.
My name is Jaclyn. I like it because it's unique; I never had another Jaclyn in my class at school. The only downside is that people ALWAYS spell and pronounce it wrong.
Jaclyn Hill, a beauty Guru who is currently in the middle of a big scandal with the quality of her lipsticks.
How the hell is this pronounced, Jace-Line? Jacqueline is way better than this modern trash.
My sister gave her daughter this name. It's a 70's name that should stay in the past.
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Jaclyn Dahm is a former Playmate and model along with her sisters Nicole and Erica.
Jaclyn is an awesome name and anyone that doesn't think that has never met a real Jaclyn because the nice ones are the most sweetest most beautiful girls ever and if you have a Jaclyn never let her go.
My name is Jaclyn, obviously I didn't name myself but my parents spelled my name this way so it would be easier in Kindergarten haha. Although it is easier, everyone still spells it wrong and adds a k.
My name is Jaclyn and I love it. It's feminine yet simple, and pretty uncommon. People usually misspell and mispronounce my name, but I love it regardless.
I have this name, and everyone thinks it's a cool name (::
But yeah some people call me jack or jackie.
Jaclyn is my middle name and I LOVE it! Sometimes I have to go by this name because no one can spell my first name right (Alanna).
My name is Jaclyn (often called Jack by family and friends) and I've always loved my name. It sounds less pretentious (to me) than Jacqueline or Jackie and I feel it suits my personality. The only downside is that my name is often misspelled, but I feel it's the prettiest spelling and the least complicated.
The only "Jackie" I've ever known had her real name spelled this way - a friend in high school. Her full name was Jaclyn Eileen, which struck me as very 70s, and we were in high school in the late 2000s. So yes, I find this spelling a bit dated; and I also think contracting Jacqueline this way takes a lot of the charm away in an attempt to be "edgy."
The name Jaclyn was given to 170 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Jaclyn Michelle Linetsky (January 8, 1986 – September 8, 2003) was a Canadian actress. Linetsky dubbed the English voice for Caillou in the preschool animated series of the same name between 2000 and 2002. On September 8, 2003, Linetsky and her co-star Vadim Schneider were driving to the filming of an episode of 15/Love when the minivan lost control and collided with oncoming traffic. Both actors were killed in the accident.
Jaclyn Moriarty is an amazing Australian author.
This is my friend's name and we have this other friend who (for the entire 12 years we've known her) says it Jack-leen, rather annoyingly. I personally don't like the name so she goes by Jax by all except her dad who calls her Jacky to annoy her.
My name is Jaclyn and I don't like it much. Until I was 12 I was introduced as Jaclyn and when I moved I decided to go by Jaci (pronounced Jackie), though family and friends have always called me Jack. I wouldn't want the spelling Jacqueline either because I associate the name Jackie with snobby, rude girls.
I think Jaclyn works better for some people than Jacqueline would. One of my friends is named this but goes by Jacky, she's quirky, musical, talented and short (seriously) and the name fits her perfectly. I couldn't see her lugging Jacqueline around even if she goes by a nickname.
Most people choose to spell the name this way because of the way Jacqueline is pronounced.
Jacqueline- Jack-a-lin
Jaclyn- Jack-lin
Without the 'a' sound in the middle.
'Jackal' can't really be applied to this name, as there is no 'a' being pronounced. I come from an upper class background, and consider myself to be the farthest away from 'trashy' that a person can be.
I don't like this spelling because it's missing the middle vowel. It sounds kind of like "jackal" and even sounds borderline trashy.
I prefer the spelling of "Jacqueline" compared to this spelling. The name is pretty, but the spelling makes it ugly (for me, at least). Beautiful name overall, but it can be overused sometimes):, I know four "Jacquelines", though not all the spellings are the same.
Jaclyn Smith, actress, most notably on the original Charlie's Angels.
My name is Jaclyn and I do like it. I am 18 and have always preferred Jackie, however now that I am off to college I have come to appreciate my name more and will go by Jaclyn. It's fairly uncommon and the prettiest way to be spelled in my opinion. ;)
This is a horrible spelling, and it doesn't make the parents look very educated. Many people will assume the poor girl just can't spell, or that she comes from a trashy family.
I don't really like alternative spellings of Jacqueline; Jaclyn, Jacklyn, Jacquelyn don't really look pretty. Jacqueline is the pretty spelling!
It's ok, but something about it makes me think of it as somewhat devious. I wouldn't use it because I have a friend with this name (nickname Jackie) but it definitely works for her (though she isn't the least bit devious.)
I love this nae, it's so much better than Jacqueline. I would not mind to name my daughter Jaclyn, because it's such a lovely and modern name.
This is my name. I personally don't really like it that much. I love the nickname Jack though which is what most people call me.
I like Jaclyn better than Jaqueline or however you spell it because it is a lot simpler, but I don't like this name because of somebody I know with this name. They don't really make it look good.
Please do not spell Jacqueline like this; all of these "-lyn" names are annoying, are a joke, and it completely throws away such a lovely name.

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