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Gender Masculine
Scripts Јадранко(Serbian)

Meaning & History

Croatian, Serbian and Slovene form of ADRIAN.
Feminine FormsAdrijana, Jadranka(Croatian) Adrijana, Jadranka(Serbian) Adrijana, Jadranka(Slovene)
Other Languages & CulturesHadrianus(Ancient Roman) Adrià(Catalan) Adrian(Danish) Adriaan, Arjan, Ad, Adrianus, Arie, Aris(Dutch) Adrian(English) Adrien, Hadrien(French) Adrian(German) Hadrian(History) Adorján, Adrián(Hungarian) Adriano(Italian) Ad(Limburgish) Adrijan(Macedonian) Adrian(Norwegian) Adrian(Polish) Adriano(Portuguese) Adrian, Adi(Romanian) Adrian(Russian) Adrián(Slovak) Adrián(Spanish) Adrian(Swedish)
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