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This is actually a really cool name. I'm not of Polish descent, nor a speaker of the language; but I live in a part of the United States with a very large Polish population (Chicago-area), so I hear a lot of Polish names on a daily basis where I work: Agnieszka, Beata, Elżbieta, Jadwiga, Kamil, Małgorzata, Patrycja, Stanisław, Sylwia (when people tell me their name is Sylvia, I now ask, "Is it spelled with a V or W?"), Wojciech, and Zbigniew. Those are some of the most common, and you get the hang of pronouncing them fairly quickly.

If I were actually Polish, I would easily name my daughter Jadwiga, even though I don't care much for the German parent name, Hedwig.
erb816  10/17/2016
Jadwiga is a second name of actress Nina Siemaszko (pronounced "Shyamaszko").
Karcoolka  6/25/2007

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