This name is OK, but I like Jayden/Jaiden a little better.
I LOVE this name! Cute and sweet, but with a hint of modern, plus it ages very well and is better than names like Jordyn!
All the Jadyn's out there, love your name! Be proud of it!
It's cute and simple. Jadyn for a girl and Jadon for a boy.
In my opinion the name Jadyn is very pretty. I think the name more suits a girl though. In this spelling I especially think it suits a girl!
Jadyn is a cute spelling of Jaden. This is definitely a feminine variant. I don’t like this spelling for a boy though, but any spelling of this name is unisex. Jaden is more masculine, and Jadyn is more feminine.
For real?
I think the names is cute but it is used a lot. I mean, we could be a bit more creative.
The name Jadyn is a beautiful name for any boy or girl. If you are a girl with the name Jadyn don't let people tell you that it's boyish or whatever. Embrace your name and be proud of it!
Jadyn is a great name and its USUALLY spelled like Jayden or Jaden... not Jaiden, Jaidyn, Jaedyn etc etc etc...
My name is Jadyn. I love my name. I'm in a highschool with 509 other students, and I'm the only one with my name. I think that's pretty cool. I'm unique, and so is my name.
I named my beautiful daughter Jadyn. I love the name and it suits her well. I can't believe how insensitive people are to bash on someone's name as if it's a bowl of rotten beans you just found in the fridge.
If you're thinking of naming your child Jadyn, you won't regret it!
Thankfully this spelling isn't on the charts. Not only does it look ridiculous but 5 spelling variants of this obnoxious name is more than enough. Though come the 2016 charts, I strongly predict that Jaydon (#999) & Jadon (#923) will leave the charts. I really hope so! :P.
This isn't a girl's name! Name her Jada.
Why does it matter how the name Jadyn is spelled? No matter how it's spelled, it all is pronounced the same. You people make it a big deal, and yet it's just how something is spelled. There's Jadyn, Jayden, Jaden, Jaedyn, Jaiden, Jadon, Jaidon, Jaydyn- like, who cares? They're all different spellings, just the same pronunciation. My name is Jadyn, so why does it matter? I'd like to know if your name is any better. I like my name Jadyn. Jaedyn-Nicole sounds nice, mine is Jadyn Kai.
My daughter's name is Jadyn. I love her name and the spelling. The only "immature" or "ugly" things about the name are the comments from mean-spirited jerks. If you don't like the name, why are you even on it? I mean, seriously, GET A LIFE! I don't understand why you care so much to criticize like this. How about you all post YOUR names so we can ridicule it unnecessarily as well?
Haha, I had no idea people got so worked up over a simple 'y'.

Regardless, stay cool, fellow Jadyns!
I am a female whose name is Jadyn. I have never thought of my name as too "masculine". I love my name. I don't see why people are making a fuss about the "y." Last time I checked, this wasn't a website for a bunch of hypocrites to complain about someone else's name. And as for the name being "too weird"?
In my first grade class, there were six Ashleys, four Sarahs, two Lauras, three Calebs, and two Zachs. I have always been proud of the fact that I've always been the only Jadyn. My name is not ugly. Do you know what is ugly? All of your hater attitudes.
Deal with it.
Personally being a female named Jadyn, I've never been told that my name was ugly or doesn't fit who I am. My name has shaped who I am and what my character is. Just because someone put a "y" in doesn't make the name stupid or ugly. People need to learn that unisex names can be cute to male or female if you live the name to its fullest. I've never met someone who has the same name as me, but boy I'm sure they are special. Jadyn is a unique name that most people read and love. Just had to rant since I had seen rude things about my name from people who don't know how amazing and fun us Jadyns really are.
I named my son Jadon and took a long time to make a decision. It is an amazing name with a great meaning. It's Hebrew in origin and it means 'to hear from God'. It's from the bible, sounds great and has a very beautiful meaning. It's the whole package and the number one name as far as My husband and I are concerned. It's modern sounding and yet also has history.
Wow. I feel so blessed not to know any Jaydens, jaidens, jadons, jadens, jaidans, or jaydyns. But I do know a Jadyn. She's about 17 and the name already sounds absolutely ridiculous on her. Please, I'm begging, do not burden your child with this "name" or any of its variants. It's not gonna be pretty when he or she grows up. It's too feminine for boys, but too masculine for girls. It's one of those quintessential examples of a trendy fad name, falling in the class with brayden, kayden, hayden, aiden, and their dozens of variants. This name is a joke, it's not "cute", or "unique", no matter how you spell it. Its horribly childish and tacky, and it really sends out a bad message automatically, even if the child is a total sweetheart. And besides, "Jadyn" looks like it should be pronounced JAD-in, the 'jad' rhyming with 'dad'. Yuck.
Jadyn? Nah. I don't like thys spellyng. Wyth some exceptions, I'm not that fond of the trynd where you put Ys where vowyl sounds should be. I mean, symetimes it wyrks, but symetimes it makes a name look tackiyr that it rylly is, and you rysk lookyng way too youthfyl and unintellygynt.

And I hate to bash the personal opinions of others, especially with name choices, but perhaps Jade-Nicole or Nicole-Jade would fare better than Jaedyn-Nicole.
One of my cousins named her second daughter Jadyn. She's very smart and very pretty and carries this name well. I don't normally go for an alternative spelling, but this one is cute.
No matter how it's spelled, it's just not a good name. And, to the anonymous user, I have to say this: Jaedyn-Nicole? Um, WHAT?
I love the name Jadyn. It's not overused or common. It could be a boy or girl's name. You could also make several different nicknames for it! Overall, I give it a thumbs up.
I love this name for a girl! I would spell it Jaedyn. It's just cuter that way! I want to name my future daughter Jaedyn-Nicole. Yes, as a whole first name. The Nicole is for added feminine flair!
Trashy, tacky, infantile and ugly especially for girls.
There was a time when people shoved an 'i' in the slot of the unstressed vowel in an unstressed syllable, and replaced 'y's with 'i's. It was quite a sure way to make names appear cutesy and immature, but it wasn't as bad as shoving a 'y' to every single unstressed vowel slot is. It doesn't look nice, and the name is still pronounced the same way, and I don't understand the supposed feminizing power of the mighty 'y' at all. This name sounds masculine, and spelling it with a 'y' or 'i' doesn't make it any more feminine.

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