I'm pretty sure that this is the transcription of Yael that is used in countries where Js sound like Ys. I am German and Jael is the version of Yael that is used here, but it's still pronounced with a Y-sound: yah-ell.

So I think Jael should be yah-ell and definitely not jayl or jay-ell.
I think if you were to pronounce the "j" sound less blatantly and more like "zhey" it would sound less like "jail".
Gender: Masculine

Usages: American (Rare)

202 boys in the USA were named "Jael" in 2012.

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The alternate spelling Jaelle is also pretty and makes it more feminine. (I also love the Biblical reference)
Looks too close to "jail".
This name can also be MASCULINE in America as a possible variant of Joel.

In the USA, it was given to 202 boys in 2012.
This name is horrific? Doesn’t seem bad AT ALL! Only 24% voted this name bad. In other words, this name is so cute!
Hi. My name is Jael. Yes my name is from the Hebrew bible. I do say that it kinda sounds like Jail and people say mean comments to me about that type of stuff but it's fun to see a lot about my name and the meanings of it.
Dunno, it sounds like jail. Jael, go to jail!
I am an adult student in Intro to Judaism and aware of finding a Hebrew name for a conversion. Not too concerned about this I was intrigued when my textbook discussed the woman, Jael, (yahEL), her nature and act of courage. When I researched I discovered the name means “tough as nails”; strong, sturdy, hardy, stood for her convictions. And she killed an Assyrian general after he had fallen asleep by driving a tent peg through his head. I recognized that describes my character fairly accurately. And, yes, I could commit that act if necessary. So, unless another name surfaces in my studies, it will be Jael (yahEL). But will think about the spelling to avoid sounding like Jail. I enjoyed all the posts here.
My name is Jaela. Pronounced JAY-la. I have always really loved my name. It's somewhat simple (even if it's often mispronounced due to the spelling). I can't really recall anything bad about my name to date. Although, I will have to agree with some of the "jail" comments. If a person with a British or certain other European accent is introduced to me, they have to say it a few times because they automatically think of "Jailer".
If you study Hebrew, or the bible - it's quite the compliment. I was always impressed with Jael, obviously being smart and strong and stood for her convictions. What I really like is how the ibex can move across cliffs - not that our paths will be smooth, but that our feet would be like an ibex.
The name Jael was given to 150 girls and 128 boys born in the US in 2015.
Well my name is Jael... and people do not confuse me with 'jail' as much as you would think... I didn't like my name but I now understand it. I knew about the biblical version- the brave woman who killed the general with a simple tool and I always aspired to be like her- fearless etc, but I never liked the mountain goat affiliation. But now I realize that I am a Capricorn and that's my symbol... a mountain goat... practical, stable, loyal, workaholic. I am now in love with my name.
My name is Jael and I pronounce it Jay-elle. The "jail" thing gets a bit annoying, as does "what does that stand for?" And introducing myself to people and having to repeat myself. But overall, I really don't mind the name and couldn't imagine having a common one in place of it.
Naming your child, 'jail' how nice...
For those concerned that the pronunciation is too close for comfort to 'jail', consider using the original Hebrew pronuciantion - Yah-EL, whether you spell it with the Y or the J to start. This is my niece's name, we call her Yaeli.
The name Jael was also given to 204 baby girls in the US in 2012. I understand it's a Hebrew name, but it really does sound like 'jail'.
The name, depending on the Hebrew spelling, is derived from the Hebrew Yah/Jah "God" and El "Lord" meaning "God is Lord".
I love this name, especially when pronounced jay-ell. The meaning is a little strange but at the same time a mountain goat is a strong, hardy animal. I would consider using this as a middle name for a future daughter.
There used to be a girl on Syfy Channel's Destination Truth named Jael. I liked her, but she left the show. She is the first person I had ever heard of with this name, and I thought it was very pretty.
If you are worried about the "jail" association you could also spell it Jaelle or Jaielle. This spelling looks less like the word jail and are also unique!
This is one of my favorite girls' names. When I think of a mountain goat, I think of something that climbs rocks better than most humans--and does so as a kid. If the ibex is anything like the American mountain goat, Jael will definitely be on my list of potential names for a daughter. I'd love to see a daughter become a skilled mountain climber.
I heard about someone recently who named their daughter this. At first I thought what a unusual and beautiful name, but now it just seems like "jail" to me.
I met an Israeli woman with this name. She pronounced it jah-EL. She said her parents gave it to her in hopes that she would be a strong, capable, tough as nails woman, like her Biblical namesake, who is famous for assassinating an Assyrian general by driving a tent peg through his head. Hmm.
I am not crazy about this name. No offense to the Jaels out there, but it looks like 'jail' to me. And then there's the meaning - would you name your daughter something meaning 'mountain goat'? Really?
To the anonymous commentator above: In Hebrew this name specifically means this animal - - which is tough, graceful and in my opinion quite beautiful.
If kids are named Deborah (bee) and Rachel (ewe), surely the Nubian Ibex is a worthy namesake.
I agree with the anonymous person about the meaning and how it looks.
My brother has a Hispanic friend named Jael, and she pronounces it High-ell.
I really like this name and the biblical character, but unfortunately, it may be mispronounced as "jail."
Jael is one of the girls on the TV show "America's Next Top Model."
The general that Jael killed was from the Assyrian army, not the Caananite.
I don't think so. Judges 4, 2 specifically says that Sesira (whom Jael killed eventually) was the commander of Canaanite king Jabin's army. No mention of Assyria as far as I can tell.
This is Superman's mom's name.
Superman's mom's name was Lara. You're thinking of his father, Jor-el.
This name is pronounced yah-el in Hebrew.

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