This name is so cool. Nicknamed Jag.
Jago is a character in the Nintendo game Killer Instinct.
It's a cool name! I love it. All the names derived from Jacob are so strong and fantastic. I'm one of them and I'm very proud of it.
This is definitely pronounced jay-go not jah-go. It's not by any means strange in Britain since it's a known Cornish name - it's quite uncommon, though, and ultra-cool.
This name is pronounced jay-go.
I read a baby book once where Jago was a form of James, but Jacob does seem closer.
You could say that Jago IS a form of James because both names come from the name Iacobus - which is also a name that Jacob is related to.

I adore the name Jago. In Denmark we would pronounce it YA-go and it would, sadly, be unusable because it's the name of the parrot from Disney's Aladdin (though I believe he's spelled Iago in English). I think Jago looks better, though.
It is not likely that the "Anglican" source of it has a link to Jacob. As is there is strong evidence in Celtic "lore" that some form of the name was in use prior to the Roman invasion before the birth of Christ and the possible exposure of the tribes to Jewish or Christian tradition. One source even says that an early Roman governor made a "JAGO" a king of a portion of what is now Cornwall as an appeasement so that the tin ore could be mined without tribal objection. That may or not be true of course, as little, if any, written documentation exists from that period.

It however should be remembered that other sources than England for "Jago". These are mainly derivations of central European names as they were Anglisized in the Americas. These may well have a Jacob derivation as noted.
Pronounced JAHG-oh.
I don't know why this name isn't used more often, it's gorgeous! I know a little Jago. It is pronounced jay-go for all who were not sure.

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