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My cousin is named Jaime and I pronounce it Hi-MEH but they call him Jamie in school. Well they used to call him that because he not in school any more so yeah I think it was weird but I really like the name.
alissonlara...  11/13/2019
While it's an okay name in Spain, it can prove quite problematic here in the UK. I have a Spanish friend called Jaime (pronounced "HI-may"), and the amount of times his name was pronounced like Jamie is uncountable.
― Anonymous User  10/22/2018
Author George R. R. Martin used this name for a character (Ser Jaime Lannister) in his acclaimed book series: A Song of Ice and Fire.
― Anonymous User  11/20/2017
Jaime Luis Gomez, better known by his stage name Taboo, is a Mexican-American and Native American rapper, singer, songwriter, actor and DJ, best known as a member of the hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas.
cutenose  2/15/2017
For a girl it is perfect, but for a man it's very strange after all.
Jake Fax  6/22/2016
Jaime is the eldest son of Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington.
emilydominko  5/25/2015
Jaime Lannister is a character in the book series A Song of Ice and Fire and the TV show Game of Thrones.
bibi66  5/18/2014
Jaime Baço a.k.a Master Jacomart (1411-1461) was a Spanish painter.
― Anonymous User  9/2/2011
The Portuguese pronunciation is [ZHYM] (rhymes with "crime"). [noted -ed]
SugarPlumFairy  3/17/2011
In DC Comics, El Paso teenager Jaime Reyes is the third Blue Beetle.
FMRadio  1/30/2009
The Spanish pronunciation of Jaime is: HIE-may.
Black Irish  6/26/2008
I think it's a very pretty name for a girl. And it's really cool too!
jmd27  12/9/2006
This is also the name of the husband of Spanish Princess Elena.
khaotickharma  11/23/2006
Prince Jaime of Bourbon-Parma is a famous bearer of this name. He is the son of Princess Irene of Lippe-Biesterfeld (Sister of queen Beatrix of the Netherlands) and Prince Carlos Hugo of Bourbon-Parma.
― Anonymous User  11/16/2005

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