While My name is actually Benjamin Nathan-James XXXXX my family always called me Jaimie (spelled exactly that way) growing up. I always disliked it at the time as I thought it was too girlish. When I was younger I made everyone call me Ben, but my family still calls me Jaimie, even now that I am 57, :)
Jaimie64  7/31/2020
This name can also be MASCULINE, making it UNISEX -- as it's SEEN on the USA chart.

The reason why THIS name can be MASCULINE is because it CAN be a variant of the SPANISH name JAIME(1).
LionB3  5/20/2020
A famous bearer of this name is American actress Jaimie Alexander.
Lady_Skywalker  12/14/2011
Come on now, Jamie is a nickname for boys named James, and a nickname only. Why should you bastardize the spelling of the nickname and use it on females? It sounds tacky, trashy, and immature. I'd hate to be a woman named Jaimie.
slight night shiver  6/6/2008
The Canadian-French meaning is I Love.
ryrylvr  12/11/2007
It is funny because I have never met another "Jaimie", and I sound a lot like that other girl named Jaimie, including being named after the bionic woman, what a small world!
jlgeiger79  2/6/2007
This is my name. I used to hate it when I was a little girl, I thought it was too masculine. I wanted to be an Elizabeth or a Jane or what have you. But now, I hate to say it, but it has grown on me. I am not dramatic, or brooding, or any of that--I am short, cute-ish, and kind of straightforward--and I think that suits the name--not too fancy, sometimes boyish, kind of guileless, maybe--I don't know! I think I am a Jaimie. It suited me when I was small and it suits me now that I am an adult. I like that it means "I love" or "I like", but I am sad to say that I am mostly named after the Bionic Woman, aka Jamie Sommers (if that is the right spelling!) What can I say it was the '70's!
jaimied  11/14/2006
This name is actually French in origin and it means "I love". Note the different spelling of the name from either "Jamie" or "Jaime".
leogirl7  12/13/2005
This is my name, and I had always been taught that is was French in origin, with a different meaning than Jaime/Jamie, being derived from "j'aime" or "je t'aime" meaning "I love".
alicesnitemare  12/18/2004

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