I think Jana is such a beautiful name because it's so gorgeous and very unique. I love it ❤❤.
Jana Pallaske is a German actress.
I find this name so beautiful.
Jana is also Latvian. The name day for Jana in Latvia is December 15. [noted -ed]
Also a Bulgarian variant transcription of Яна (Yana).
You'll find numerous bearers on social media.
Also an Estonian variant of Jaana: [noted -ed]
Also Sorbian:
The name Jana was given to 299 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Jana are female.
Also rare Bulgarian usage.
Jana Burčeska is a Macedonian singer. She represented Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Ukraine, with the song "Dance Alone". Burčeska first came to prominence after placing fifth on Macedonian Idol.
This name is also occasionally used in English-speaking countries, where it's usually pronounced JAY-na.
I always heard this as 'Jane-a', but now I know of someone who pronounces it 'Jan-a' (Rhyming with 'Dan'). It looks to me like 'HA-na' or 'YA-na'.
It is an awesome name that isn't common in the United States. I hated it while growing up, but like it now. I was thinking Janica or Janafer is cool.
The name is also used in Iceland.
It's a name of my Czech friend. I like it and she does too. It's short and nice sounding, and doesn't need any nicknames.
My name is Jana pronounced Jan-uh. I've only met a couple of people with my name. Growing up I hated it but I grew to love it.
This name is actually pronounced JAN-uh or JAY-nuh in the US and other Western nations.
Jana is also used in Catalan as a diminutive of Joana.
Jana is the most ordinary and most boring Czech name ever! Totally run-of-the-mill.
I have never understood why, for God's sake, so many parents give their baby-girls this name.
Czech pronunciation is YAH-NAH.
Jana Kramer is an American actress and singer.
Jana is also a girls name in Croatia, but here it's a variant of Ana, rather than the feminine form of Jan.
Diminutive version is Janica. [noted -ed]
I once had a German penpal called Jana, pronounced YA-na. I've always thought it is a really pretty name.
Actors Jan Tříska and Karla Chadimová have a daughter Jana Třísková.
Jana Synková is the original name of model and actress Yana Gupta. She was born 23th April 1979 in Brno, Czechia.
Model Jana Doležel
Model Jana Dvořák
Model Jana Horáčková
Model Jana Křečková
Model Jana Leskotová
Model Jana Pohanková
Model Jana Schwarz
Model Jana Stejskal
Model Jana Šálková
Model Jana Šmídová
Model Jana Vojkuvková
Model Jana Zábojník
Fictional character mjr. Jana Holíková from the TV crime show "Mesto tieňov" (2008). She was played by Soňa Norisová.
Jana Nejedlá, a tennis player, born 9. June, 1974 in Praha.
Jana is in 24th place in Top 1000 in Czechia. It was borne by 492 little girls (2006-2007).
This is my sister's name but we pronounce it JAYN-ah not YAH-nah, but I think both are very pretty.
Jana´s pet forms are Janička, Janie, Janika, Janice, Janina, Jan.
I have a dear friend named Jhonamie. She is called Janah for short.
I love this name, especially the pronunciation.
I prefer the pronunciation "Jan-uh".
Listen to the German pronunciation of Jana here:
Jana Kirschner(ová) is singer from Slovakia. Singer Jana Fabiánová´s real name is Linda Nemejovská.
It's a very common Czech name. Pronounced YAH-nah. Nothing special, boring. But it usually fits to every surname. I'm glad that my cousin was named earlier than me so I got another name. :)
Jana Pittman is an Australian hurdler/sprinter.
In the US this name is very rare. It's really a pleasant feeling to know that my name is shared by others in other countries as well.
Dutch pronunciation is YAH-nah. [noted -ed]
In Poland we don't use this feminine form of masculine name "Jan". It sounds a bit artificial for the Poles. [noted -ed]
Contrary to one of the comments above, this name IS used in Poland, even if it's rare.
In 1994, there were 119 women registered with this name (source: Kazimierz Rymut, Słownik imion współcześnie w Polsce używanych). In 2015, sixteen girls were named Jana (ranked #175 along with Adriana and Stella).
This name is also Arabic, it means God's gracious gift, a harvest of fruit.

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